Jada Saroyan

as played by Juliet Anderson

Jada Saroyan is a human female, of African American descent. She is an independent cargo pilot, performing simple jobs with as little crew required as possible, such as ferrying passengers (to destinations within a day's flight), rush deliveries, and mostly escourt work, as well as being what some could call a part time pirate. She is currently unemployed. Her last shuttle was trashed in a "situation" with an Andorian pirate ship about 6 months ago. Jada is fiercely independent, is used to either working alone or as commanding officer; she does not do so well working WITH a crew and under the command of a CO other than herself. 

Jada is 5'6", has a dark complexion, dark brown (almost black) eyes, shoulder-length black hair that is always pulled back in a ponytail, is quite lean and rather wiry.