Wayfarer Station

Wayfarer Station is a near fully automated demolition, repair and salvage yard.  The nearest star systems are Etwa, Ituri and Lhusiye at 3.45, 5.27 and 5.59 light years away respectively.  Of these, Ituri is the only system to contain habitable dwellings, though these are not in continuous use. 

Wayfarer’s primary importance is as a repair facility just beyond the jurisdiction of the Setlin Commerce Guild.  In this capacity, it earned something of a reputation for liberality and vice.  Visitors are cautioned to beware unscrupulous merchants and fellow customers.  As a melting pot of various cultures, Wayfarer has customs and procedures all it’s own.  Newcomers are encouraged to use tact in all dealings with unknown peoples in order to avoid an inappropriate faux pas or misunderstanding.

Owned and operated for at least a millennium by an extended family known best to locals as ‘The Overseers’, Wayfarer Station takes a unique approach to law and justice.  Capital punishment is not unheard of for even the most minor of crimes.  Yet many heinous acts of violence that a typical government might condemn are considered ‘common-place’.  A policy of non-interference and deference to the Overseers is recommended for one’s own safety.

Starfleet considers the station to be extremely dangerous.  Federation citizens are advised to avoid Wayfarer entirely if at all possible.  Those individuals who stray into Wayfarer’s sphere of influence can expect little to no assistance from designated Federation responders.


Wayfarer Station consists of two nearly identical elongated hemispheres connected to one another by a number of accessible supports or ‘legs’.  The station is oriented to the galactic plane at 27.99 degrees coreward.  This has led to the ‘upper’ section gaining the name ‘North’ or ‘Northern’ in colloquial parlayance with it’s adjoining ‘lower’ twin labeled the ‘South’ or ‘Southern’ portion.  While docking is available along the central joints, these positions are typically reserved for those craft that have been slated for demolition.  Additional docking facilities are located along decks 3 and 7 of the ‘Northern’ hemisphere and decks 4 and 7 of the ‘Southern’ hemisphere.

A variety of interstation transport options exist.  The most utilized are the tram-car units which maneuver vertically through the station lobes, rotating horizontally as they maneuver through the central struts.  These units are fully automated to run a set sequence daily.  Red cars are marked as ‘Express’ trams while the Yellow units are programmed to stop at every floor.

Additionally, one can take the station’s vertical lift units from floor to floor.  Unlike turbolifts, these units are incapable of maneuvering horizontally or diagonally.  Thus, they are primarily useful to those wishing to travel between floors.  Finally, one might find use of one of the station’s myriad pay-carts to be especially helpful when crossing long horizontal distances.  The units are self-piloted and are activated via credit swipe in a manner similar to the many automated vending systems aboard.  They are programmed to deactivate immediately in the event of a potential collision which necessitates a second credit swipe for reactivation.  Despite this, the can be found scatter primarily through high traffic areas such as the Mezzanine and Main Street.


A great many peoples and species are represented in Wayfarer’s cultural make-up.  Of these, Delta Quadrant peoples predominate, including (but not limited to) Entharans, Kadi, Imhotep, Kinbori, Zahl, Kradin, Vori, Kolaati, Tak Taks, Kraylor, Varro, Krenim, Uxali, Kazons, Srivani, Kmada, Takriti, Kesat, Talaxians, Kohl, Entaban, Tarkans, Solimenti, Haakonians, Nygeans, Ledosians, and Moneans.  Each of these groups have their own customs, practices, religious (or irreligious) beliefs, traditions and codes of ethics.  While records indicate an early period of racial and cultural tension, in recent times the denizens of Wayfarer adopt a much more ‘live and let live’ philosophy. 

In this vein, the Overseers have placed ‘Interference’ at the top of their list of inappropriate behaviors.  All visitors and residents are required to avoid intercession in nearly any situation on pain of prosecution.  Station security exists primarily as a vehicle to ensure that the rights and customs of every individual are given wide berth.  Station employees are encouraged to report any behavior that might be construed as interference including: assisting, motivating, recommending, helping, intervening, or encouraging any stranger without clear and precise motivation of selfish gain.  All new arrivals to Wayfarer Station are advised to limit interaction with unknown persons to only business interactions.  This will help ensure a modicum of cultural missteps and, in turn, preserve one from retribution by Wayfarer staff and/or fellow customers.

Wayfarer staff members are always outfitted in one of the station’s uniform jumpsuits.  The various colors of jumpsuit indicate the staff member’s position or industry.  It is important to familiarize oneself with what each color represents.  They are as follows:

  • Black – Overseer
  • Orange – Salesperson (Retail or Trading Floor)
  • White – Station Administration (Flight Control, Operations, Etc.)
  • Fuschia – Guest Services (Typically Entertainers or Entertainment Sales)
  • Grey – Banking (Including Financial Services, Exchange and Storage)
  • Blue – Security (Both Station and For Hire)
  • Red – Vessel Services (Fuel, Non-Automatable Repairs and Body Work)
  • Brown – Medical (Including Physicians, Cosmetologists, Barbers, Stylists and Healers)
  • Green – Maintenance Crews (Station Repairmen and Engineers)
  • Purple – Cargo Loaders
  • Yellow – Janitorial

Notable Locations

For any newcomer to Wayfarer, the main points of interest will likely be the commercial areas in the ‘Northern’ section.  Of these, the most prolific is the trading floor.  Located on the primary deck, the trading floor offers a splendid panorama view of space via it’s parasteel ceiling.  This view is most often supplemented by holographic imaging highlighting everything from a new salvage vessel to an individual microcomponent.  Along with current images, guests have the option of perusing a number of station kiosks for information on upcoming auctions.  Craft are frequently offered up in their entirety to early bidders, but are typically fragmented before appropriate bids are made.  The process of selling a ship a piece at a time in auction may seem grueling.  But Wayfarer records indicate sellers can expect nearly 300% higher margins on salvage offered up in this manner.  In the starship salvage business at Wayfarer, patience equals profits.

Just beneath the main trading floor is a two deck retail structure containing shops, services and support for weary travelers.  While the facility lacks many of the comforts one would expect of a larger starbase, Wayfarer Station offers more than it’s share of exotic, rare or luxurious merchandise.  The Marketplace and upper mezzanine together represent nearly 100 spaces.  These storefronts include retail openings, office spaces, service locations and even spiritual outlets.  An abridged directory of locations is included below.

Guest lodging at Wayfarer is normally satisfied by the station’s rental accommodations.  Located beneath the market decks, the ‘Hotel Wayfarer’ (as it’s been dubbed) spans three full levels and provides guests with a bit more flare than they may be used to on ship.  The rental spaces are connected via a self-containing internal corridor system, similar to a building within a building.  Within the structure are the main lobby, guest rooms, a full service restaurant and various common areas.  Renters are provided with laundry services for an additional fee and have full access to in house exercise facilities.  Many of the rooms are much smaller than their larger starbase counterparts with the cheapest offerings no larger than a capsule or individual sleeping space.  The largest accommodations are more typical of space considerations that guests might expect.

The station’s ‘Southern’ hemisphere also contains important commercial sections.  While Decks 1-3 are completely off limits to unauthorized visitors, Deck 4 contains the station Operations hub as well as a ‘Main Street’ for guests staying aboard long term.  Main Street, or more formally, “Central Corridor - South” contains many of the shops and facilities that station residents might require over an extended period of time.  Some of these include: a grocery market, accountant services, legal support, decorating/refurbishing services and medical practitioners.  The Main Street ends at the station’s most notorious drinking establishment named simply, “The Cantina”.  Those familiar with this area of space will know that The Cantina was the famed location where Yan Double shot and killed notorious bounty hunter, Zreddo.  Debate still rages over who shot first.

This concludes the scripted portion of our Guide to Wayfarer Station.  We hope that you are better informed about the both the layout and the customs of this exotic location.  Below, you’ll find a directory of station facilities listed by deck.  Further down, you’ll be able to view an abridged listing of some of the more popular shops and services available at the locations mentioned above.  Please remember that if you find an interesting locality that does not have a database entry, you are welcome to add it yourself.  In the meantime, enjoy your stay at Wayfarer.  AND STAY SAFE!


Wayfarer ‘North’ Directory

1 – Trading floor and offices

2 – Upper Mezzanine

3 – Lower Marketplace and ‘Priority’ Docking

4 – ‘Luxury’ Lodgings, Conference Areas, Hotel Lobby / Hotel Restaurant and Common Areas

5 – ‘Standard’ Lodgings, Laundry and Support Facilities

6 – ‘Budget’ Lodgings, Limited Communications, Sensory and Misc. Station facilities

7 – Standard Docking, Bulk Materials Storage, Ship Services (Repair/Refuel/Refit)

8 – Upper Engineering (North), Support Systems, Weapons and Defensive Platforms

9 – Main Engineering (North), Support Systems, Recycling Center

10 – Storage Space for Rent, Safety Deposit, Shuttle Facilities (North, Main)

11 – Station Cargo Space, Shuttle Facilities (North, Maintenance)

12 – Bulk Cargo Space

13 – Salvage Operations


 Wayfarer ‘South’ Directory

1 – VIP Suite

2 – Private Facilities

3 – Private Facilities

4 – ‘Main Street’, Station Operations, Reserved Docking Ring

5 – Guest Quarters and Support Facilities

6 – Employee Lodging and Support Facilities

7 – Standard Docking, Bulk Materials Storage

8 – Upper Engineering (South), Support Systems, Weapons and Defensive Platforms

9 – Main Engineering (South), Support Systems, Workshop / Lab Facilities

10 – Employee and Guest Storage, Shuttle Facilities (South, Main)

11 – Station Cargo Space, Shuttle Facilities (South, Maintenance)

12 – Bulk Cargo Space

13 – Salvage Operations


Service Database

Trading Floor –

-          Rani Sapaban – A small food stand offering sapaban: a Kadi fast food involving fruits, vegetables and/or meats cooked on skewers and served with a variety of sauces

-          Uson – An Uxali kiosk and couple of adjoining tables offering a number of mostly hot fruit juice beverages, almost all containing some measure of Anaha: a fruit vaguely similar to a sapodilla

-          Izerocorp Mining – A small office space off the main trading floor that offers mineral rights to various asteroids in nearby systems

-          Hipon Investment Brokerage – A one man financial planning and investment firm operating from a cubicle near the Uson kiosk

-          Xaho’s Usury Office – Loan office specializing in title loans or other collateralized lending

-          Karaburan Transport – A small passenger transport desk offering a set number of flights to specific nearby destinations.  The transport service runs daily, but not all routes are available on all days

-          Amileo – This is a quiet and soothing shop just out of the main hustle and bustle of the trading floor.  It offers a number of stress relieving products and services for those who may have had a rough day at auction

-          CA Machine – An automated vending machine is located between two storefronts that provides mammalian humanoids (verifiable on finger scan) with one dose hypospray shots of catecholamine, a hormone known to increase the rate of oxygen to the brain, increase heart rate and inhibit drowsiness.  While mammalian humanoids find the shot to be an effective ‘pick-me-up’, species with reptilian DNA react to catecholamine as an intoxicant.  Prolonged use by any humanoid species is known to cause renal failure and even death.  But so far, the machine has proven a valuable money-maker for the station.

-          Stone of Zedo, Inc. – Private Security Consulting Firm offering personal protection, bodyguard services, and limited safekeeping of materials

-          Currency Exchange – A small currency exchange stand operates via touchscreen and scanner.  The process would be fully automated except for a single attendant who monitors the unit for security reasons

-          Orasic Marketing – Operating a number of workspaces on the opposite side of the station, the Orasic Marketing Trading Floor office provides consultative advertising services to potential clients. 

-          Freighter Jobs Terminal – There are 4 computer terminals located near each of the main ramps to the trading floor.  These terminals allow one to advertise freighter space available to prospective shippers and or cargo available for prospective freighters.  A scrolling ticker advertises the most recent postings about the Trading Floor and in the Marketplace.  One can set search parameters and enter a communication’s tag to receive alerts regarding matching opportunities.

Marketplace (Upper Mezzanine) –

-          Ado’ Sezôn – An upscale Talaxian Tea House that also offers a variety of tea-like products from around the Delta Quadrant.  One of the most popular is Sutsesta, a type of Druoda style kava-esque beverage poured steaming hot over ice and sugar.  This drink, and most others, can also be ordered with Talaxian bubble pearls which radically alter the flavors of the tea and are usually added to one’s cup prior to pouring.

-          The Abattoir – On the opposite side of the Marketplace from Ado’ Sezôn is the only other upscale restaurant on Wayfarer.  The Abattoir is a restaurant for the carnivorous, offering some of the best cuts of meat in the sector.  Customers have the option of choosing from present livestock to be consumed live, charred slightly, killed and eaten raw, or cooked.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are not in abundance, though some customers do tend use seasoning.

-          Pazlesi’s Pharmacy – This drug store specializes in vitamin sales, nutritional supplements, confections, oils, tonics, psychoactives, anesthetics, cosmetics and basic hygiene devices.  Pazlesi’s Pharmacy is connected to but technically separate from it’s adjoining shop front:

-          Universal Healing Center – Connected to but separate from the pharmacy, The Universal Healing Center offers the Rokosan practice of dusohatr to it’s clients.  Dusohatr is considered and ‘energy’ or ‘spiritual’ healing tradition that has been criticized by it’s detractors for having ‘little scientific merit’.  However, many of those who seek dusohatr healing swear by it’s effectiveness.  Dusohatr practitioners point to the high retention rates for dusohatr clients as further proof of the tradition’s worth.

-          Bezial’s Children – Half of this retail outlet specializes in the sale of toys, apparel and merchandise targeting a pre-adolescent demographic.  The other half focuses on the needs of their parents including fertility testing and services, maternity apparel and utilities, cloning services and parenting tools.

-          Tarpalarael – A consignment, resale and junk shop dedicated to customers who lack replicator technology.  These sorts of outlets are slowly being phased out as replicators become more and more common throughout the Delta Quadrant.

-          Data Storage and Back-up – Just like it says on the sign, this shop specializes in selling storage space, devices and processing equipment for electronic data.  Most freighters use the shop as a dumping ground for records and programming information prior to a job.  Those in the know might even be able to purchase information or records from other vessels…for the right price

-          Paratoceson – This smaller storefront consists of a slight seating and meeting area with large back-room.  The stated goal of the Paratoceson team is to provide starships with their regular factory recommended barion sweeps in a safe, effective and reliable way.

-          Toab’s EVAC – This apparel shop concentrate on vacuum and survival gear for today’s discriminating client.  Featuring rebreathers, biohazard defense, condenser units, thermal protection and full suite of customizable environment suits in a multitude of colors and sizes.

-          Electronic Trak Currach – There are a number of electronic Trak Currach terminals located throughout the upper mezzanine.  Trak Currach is a Monean game of chance that has gained popularity throughout the quadrant in recent years.  To play, one places a wager on any of a variety of colors and numbers, spin a wheel, toss a trio of blue stones, and divide the number of the stones by the percentage indicated by the color of the wheel.  Those who came closest to the final number receive a certain payout.  Those who bet both the number and the color receive a larger payout.  The house takes all remaining bets.  The automated version involves tapping a screen to throw the stones.  It is otherwise similar to spinning a traditional Trak Currach wheel, right down to the ability to bet against customers at other terminals.

-          Ahaime – This retail outlet is a fully automated repository of alcoholic concoctions from all over the galaxy.  A customer merely selects from a number of wall screens the origin, ingredients, flavor, vintage, price range and/or potency that he or she is looking for.  After depositing the appropriate currency, the customer is treated to a bottle, case or can of their beverage of choice.  Ahaime stores hundreds of thousands of styles from around the galaxy, all of which are untainted by transporter or replication.

-          The Urlinr – This salacious entertainment venue offers demonstrations of adult entertainment from behind a protective barrier.  Named for a scavenging avion of Arrithean origin, The Urlinr caters to customers of nearly every exotic appetite.

Marketplace (Main Floor) –

-          Ipanot – At the center of the Marketplace is an atrium containing a number of quick food counters with central areas for seating.  The first of these restaurants that a visitor is likely to come across is Ipanot.  Serving traditional Caatati cuisine, customers pick out a small vermin, choice of terrine, vegetable, spices and other assorted offal.  These are then pureed together into a sort of pressed loaf which can be held in the hands and eaten as a complete stand-alone meal.  The final product has a sponge-like consistency and is typically high in meaty fat…much like an Earth pâté.

-          Scrumptious Maldor – This restaurant counter is dedicated to primarily Maldorian cuisine (though some dishes contain noticeable Lokarrim and Annari influences).  One popular dish is the famous sautéed Maldorian molluscs.

-          Soron B’intiroth – This is a B’omar counter serving only strictly vegetarian cuisine.  The B’omar diet consists primarily of a woody grasses similar to Earth bamboo.  These native grasses can be eaten plain, or are often ground into flour to make an assortment of baked goods.  The Soron B’intiroth counter offers many of the traditional B’omar biscuits and breads along with fruit and vegetable toppings from around the quadrant.

-          Albuncio – Albuncio is an entomophageous restaurant serving almost exclusively insects.  Albuncio doesn’t discriminate regionally, offering insects from around the quadrant cooked in myriad styles for their insectivore clientele.

-          So Ssodalih – Struggling for business, the So Ssodalih caters to the filter-feeding population with it’s array of nutrient-dissolved solutions.  So Ssodalih offers mixtures to satisfy nectarivore, fungivore, detritivore, planktovore and even bacterovore diets.  Yet despite their variety, non-filter-feeding species have commented that everything So Ssodalih serves tastes, “like a glass of luke warm dirty water”.  As of yet, the proprietors of So Sodalih have been thus unable to tap into the station’s much larger non-filter-feeding populations.

-          2nd Bank of Inses – Just beyond the central restaurant arms, one can find the greater retail and marketplace shops.  Of these, the largest and most successful would be the 2nd Bank of Inses.  As a full service financial institution, the 2nd Bank of Inses is able to offer financial deposit and lending services.  They also manage a private lift to a secure section of the station dedicated to safety deposit.  Customers of the 2nd Bank of Inses can be assured of complete discretion as the financial institution is not beholden to any government regulations of any kind.  This has led rumors that the institution exists as an off-planet, tax haven and money laundry...rumors the 2nd Bank of Inses has been slow to squash.

-          Dastalu Weather Forecasting – This small storefront sits between the 2nd Bank of Inses and a Mislenite Diviner’s.  The Dastalu Weather Forecasting center claims to have designed a fool-proof program to accurately predict all spatial weather throughout the known galaxy.  For a fee, freighter captains can enter their flight plans and the Dastalu Weather Forecasting center will give them a report.  This report includes any potentially hazardous areas to avoid as well as suggestions on more appropriate routes to take.  The Dastalu Weather Forecasting System is not available to heavily armed and/or non-freighter vessels at this time.

-          Amseah – The Mislenite Divination shop on the other side of the weather center offers potential clients a look at their future.  Problems with your love life?  Business troubles? Uncertainty?  Look no further than the skilled talents of Amseah, Mislenite Diviner!

-          Turar Sebon – Once a performance hall open to live entertainment, the Turar Sebon auditorium currently stands empty as a relic of times gone by.

-          Podrekeen – This shop specializes in romantic items and mood enhancers.  Single?  No problem.  Podrekeen also offers matchmaking services designed to end those lonely nights of bachelor(ette)hood.  Results guaranteed.

-          The Dream Center – Holodecks can be so limiting.  Sure, they allow a user to alter the exterior and provide a panorama of opportunities for adventure.  But the problem is…you’re still you.  Now The Dream Center is here to help.  The Dream Center offers clients the ability to completely change themselves.  Plug yourself into one of The Dream Center’s state of the art former Borg Drone modules, allow for chemical alterations to your mind and body, refrain from thinking your own thoughts…and voila!  Each visit to The Dream Center offers a one hour experience as a completely different person, free from the consequences of actually having to live that person’s tomorrow.  Greater sessions may be purchased up front, with most clients exponentially increasing the amount of time they stay in The Dream Center after only their first visit!  Plug yourself in and get hooked today!

-          Aphood – Wayfarer’s only dance venue, Aphood mixes all of today’s hottest music with whatever else the system can find in it’s database.  Whether you’re in to trance, jazz, rock, tso’ap, hip hop or trushka, there’s bound to be a night dedicated to it.  So if you feel like dancing, or just want to meet people that feel like dancing, or meet people that are only there to meet other people, Aphood is the place to be.

-          Kouz – A shop dedicated to extensive body modification from ocular implanting to branding, shaping and scarification.  Kouz offers a unique selection of luminescent techniques for tattooing or organ replacement.  Also offering facelifts and skin peels, Kouz is the station’s best place to be radically cosmetically altered in some way.

-          The Adventurer’s Society of Lutiz – Stellar Cartographers have yet to locate any such place in any such language referred in any way to ‘Lutiz’.  Thus, the origins and purposes of this exclusive venue remain a mystery.  In order to enter, one must be a member and in order to become a member, one must be sponsored by an existing member.  Non-members need not apply.  Suffice it to say, something is going on behind the closed doors of The Adventurer’s Society of Lutiz

-          Talos Antiquities – Not to be confused with the Talos of Alpha Quadrant fame, this shop is owned by an elderly gentleman of unidentified origin.  He almost never buys anything new, but has the most astounding collection of artifacts and trinkets for sale of anyone in the sector.  If one is looking for a special gift or unusual relic one should look no further than Talos Antiquities.

-          Prutak Garments – At Prutak, customers select their fabrics and styles from a computerized database before stepping in to an automated booth to be weighed, measured and fitted for a new garment.  Prices vary based on quality of cloth, cosmetic additions, size, style and time to completion.  Most garments can be manufactured for next day retrieval with simpler patterns done while you wait.

-          Balneo Kolaat – If there’s one thing that the Kolaati are known for, it’s the drugs.  If there are two things the Kolaati are known for, one is drugs and the other is their tempers.  If there are three things…never mind.  The point is, most people eventually associate Kolaati with therapeutic mineral baths.  Kolaati bathhouses and spas have become a regular fixture in stations throughout the quadrant.  They also have a reputation for being a place to buy drugs.  Also, violence.  Lots of gangsters have been killed in Kolaati bathhouses.  It’s kind of a cliché.  But anyway, Wayfarer Station also has a Kolaati spa.  They offer massage, mud-bathing, mineral wraps and a host of other relaxing luxuries.  So have a soak in the warm, murky waters of Balneo Kolaat’s main pool today!

-          Temple of the Divine Lucre – As one of only two dedicated public places of worship, the Temple of the Divine Lucre is the pre-eminent place for visitors to come to pray or otherwise engage in the religious practices of their choosing.  Offering ‘Salvation at Reasonable Rates’, the Temple of the Divine Lucre is also Wayfarer’s primary setting for religious and quasi-religious ceremonies.  Coming-of-age transition approaching?  Wedding, christening or divorce occurring?  Need a special spot to engage in whatever your culture’s funeral rites may be?  See Mother Gib Vohaj to arrange (for a nominal fee) a consultation and tour at your earliest convenience!

-          Tsunkatse! – What Delta Quadrant space station would be complete without a Tsunkatse pit?  Wayfarer is no exception.  Drawing a crowd of hundreds for live events while broadcasting to millions more, some of Tsunkatse’s greatest names have fought at Wayfarer.  From flyweights like Uregeg Biwashe and Gaital of Veras IX to heavyweights like Tupupab the Tank and Fe’ev Bizidish, Wayfarer has all the Tsunkatse action you’ve been waiting for!

-          Biro Tonsors – Biro and her staff have been expert hair dressers, stylists, dentists, minor surgeons, pedicurists, make-up artists, chiropractors and nail technicians at Wayfarer Station for nearly a decade.  While many of her services are becoming more and more automated, customers still rave about the personalized touches that set Biro apart.

-          Nroher’s Exceptional Ecosystems – Nroher’s is a pet shop offering fully contained biomes appropriate for any small creature.  In addition to aquariums, Nrohers produces insectariums, paludariums, terreriums and Winogradsky columns of various shapes and sizes for an assortment of fauna.  While many of the structures are designed to be fully contained ecosystems, other tanks are specially constructed to allow for greater interaction.  Nroher is often on hand to answer questions, give training lectures or to provide suggestions to customers based on their specific pet needs.

-          Datasouk – Datasouk is an intelligence and espionage retail shop that offers all the tools necessary for effective information retrieval.  In addition to technology, Datasouk provides a number of training programs along with tips, solutions and trade secrets to turn almost anyone into an operational spy.  At Datasouk, the power of subterfuge is at your fingertips.

-          Wayfarer Employment Agency – This small office contains a front room with attendant and computer terminals, and a back room to provide testing and consultative services.  The purpose of the Wayfarer Employment Agency is to fill qualified candidates into open positions within the Wayfarer family.  In addition, the WEA operates a Help Wanted database for external positions, along with a Resume board and paid recruiter (at additional cost) for job seekers.

-          Serp Sterilization – Freighter Captains or locals with a pest problem can call Serp Sterilization for assistance.  Serp proposes a 60 day trial period after inspection and initial extermination.  If your pest problem isn’t at least marginally improved, they’ll finish the rest of the work for free.  Don’t let spawn beetles destroy your tetrical shipments.  Tell your pests, they’re about to get Serped!

-          Holomatic – The Holomatic vending machines are located throughout the lower Marketplace.  Offering a number of holoprograms for nearly any price range, the Holomatics distribute thousands of hours of entertainment daily.  One can even customize a program by selecting between set options on the Holomatic screen.  Despite the brisk business done by the Holomatic machines, Wayfarer Station does not currently have any in-house holographic facilities.

-          Protect-Tech – Two vending machines, on opposite sides of the Marketplace, offer users access to personal protective devices.  Though typically classified only as ‘light’ weapons, many of the devices sold in this manner could be made lethal with only minor modifications.  Age verification systems are in place to ensure that the machines do not distribute directly to minors.  However, Wayfarer’s resident clutch of roving orphans has already managed a way around the controls: by paying unscrupulous adults to buy the items for them.  Many of the would-be entrepreneur adults are then subsequently mobbed, beaten, or even killed by the child gangsters.  If a small child offers to pay you double or more for a stun-gun out of the machine…do not take him up on it.

“Main Street” –

-          Cantina – The station’s famous cantina in renown for it’s Sumerian Sunsets, fish tacos and aura of adventure!  While located on the ‘sleepier’ side of the station, the Cantina has nevertheless developed a reputation for rowdiness.  Keep your hands off the wait-staff and your eyes on your fellow customers lest you receive a first-hand lesson in shooting first.

-          The Blue Door – Indicated only by an actually blue entrance with no other outstanding signage, The Blue Door is the best little cathouse in Wayfarer.  Never ones to exclude, the staff of The Blue Door cater to all types.  However, one hard and fast rule is that all guests must bathe prior to entry.

-          Dang Sam’s – This has to be, without a doubt, the worst restaurant on Wayfarer.  The food is inedible by nearly any species’ standards and the service feels like getting punched in the gut.  It’s a wonder the place stays open, but it may have something to do with the luminescent Pralorian arthropod fights that take place in the back room.  The owner, ‘Dang Sam’, is also a former DFA security officer and has been known to accept private investigative jobs in the past…so long as the price is right. 

-          Mysterious Shrine – A small shrine and very tiny, yet ornately decorated, seating area exist mid-Main Street.  The shrine is unusual throughout the galaxy as it appears to be the only known religious artifact dedicated to the worship, or at least acquiescence of the Q.

-          Lal Detsu Oen – Or LDO for short, is a small mail terminal, business center, and personal packing and shipping headquarters.  LDO offers home office support without the office.  Messaging service, limited secretarial and bill pay options are included.  LDO is also available for managing a home move from start to finish.  LDO takes the hassle out of your daily grind.

-          Station Security – Located on near the center of the station’s Main Street (across from the shrine) the Wayfarer Station Security office is the central hub for protection against danger, damage, loss or other crime.  In theory, the security office is not a storefront and does not accept payment from travelers in exchange for personal protection and other less than savory tasks.

-          Tanael Market – This grocery and general store provides the basic staples for meal production aboard the station.  It is the primary bakery, delicatessen, greengrocer, butcher and dry goods retailer on the station, 11 days a week.  On the 12th day, however, the Main Street is transformed into a larger open market similar to a souk or farmer’s market.  On market day, vendors from all over the sector come to Wayfarer to sell their exotic wares.  Edibles continue to predominate, with Tanael receiving a portion of all proceeds from food sales.  The open vendor stands sell a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, baked goods, fish, meat and cheeses, nuts, seeds, spices, wines and liquors as well as clothing, housewares, artwork and textiles.

-          Wayfarer Clinic – The healthcare facilities at Wayfarer Clinic are designed to provide visitors and Wayfarer inhabitants with a level of outpatient care.  Primarily a General Practice facility, the Clinic also features a Midwife on staff for limited OB/GYN scenarios.  Most inpatient situations may require more sophisticated equipment than Wayfarer is appointed to.  The nearest designated hospital for emergencies is on Setlin, located 6 days away at Warp 7.  However, passing vessels are often furnished with inpatient amenities.  In an emergency, Wayfarer will generally send out a request for the use of such facilities, negating the need for a week-long journey.

-          Pavilion – Local inhabitants, staff-members and even visitors can reserve access to this community space for up to 14 hours.  The Pavilion exists as a public arena for group activities including recreation, education, observance of festivities and sport.  More information about upcoming events and reservation guidelines can be found by contacting Station Administration

-          Abehdanis – This food stand offers many of the sweeter desserts and treats that were once commonplace on Vojean…before the war.  In particular, the rkoi’zunon, a sort of very sweet and spongy bread served chilled, is now considered something of a delicacy.

-          Wayfarer Company Store – This large general retailer provides employees with anything they could not find to purchase at the grocery or various other markets.  Visitors are prohibited from entering the Company Store as they only accept Staff Scrip in payment.  Workers on Wayfarer earn a percentage of their paycheck in traditional currency and a larger percentage in Scrip.  Due to a lack of completion for the Wayfarer tommy shop, company scrip suffers from a much higher inflation rate than other locally used currencies. 

Miscellaneous Shops –

-          Automograph – This kiosk located on ‘North’ Deck 7, allows users to upload detailed system maps to their ship’s astrogation software to ensure better navigation…for a fee

-          Messaging terminal – Similar in appearance to Earth’s classic photo booths, there are a number of Messaging terminals located throughout high traffic areas.  These can be used to record and send a message across subspace to distant friends and relatives

-          Metal-O Bank – These automated systems are located on Decks 1, 3, 7, 9 and 11 of the station’s ‘North’ hemisphere and Decks 4, 5, 6 and 7 of the ‘South’ side. The machines operate by scanning precious metals and offering a price.  If the customer accepts the price, the machine accepts the metals and prints out an exchange chit which can be redeemed for real currency at any bank, currency exchange or other financial institution on the station.

-          Cup O’Broth – This soup machine was installed near the Station Operations Center on Deck 4 ‘South’.  It is, however, open to all customers.  Potential consumers simply key in their soup of choice from a number of options including stock, base, primary and secondary ingredients.  Then choose your size and temperature preference, scan a currency card and, voila!  The world’s cheapest meal.  Ostensibly, the soup machine is an ancient throwback to a time before replicators.  But considering the myriad of species this thing can feed, it’s still in pretty good shape.

-          Pruin’s Shuttles – Like it says on the sign, this outlet provides customers with a sampling of new and used support craft for purchase, rental or lease.  There really is no Pruin, but this sales yard has been in business for decades.  The primary sales floor is located on Deck 10 ‘South’,  but this business also operates a rental kiosk on Deck 7 ‘North’ and a smaller sales office on Deck 7 ‘South’.  Be warned, the salesmen at Pruin’s Shuttles have a reputation for aggressive negotiation and sales tactics.

-          Bulk Sales Terminal – Freighter captains looking to make a sale of whatever commodity they are carrying, directly to Wayfarer Station can put in a bid at one of the Bulk Sales Terminals.  These are located in the middle of both sections’ Deck 7 docking areas as well as in the center of each support strut.  All bids for sales will be considered, but not every Captain may receive an offer or counter-offer if the station has no interest in their supplies.  Private commodities brokers and independent traders not affiliated with the station might still be available throughout the station, predominantly on the Trading Floor.

-          Engineers for Hire – A small office on Deck 9 ‘South’ is dedicated to a group of engineers that hire themselves out to incoming vessels for a set period and time.  All maintenance tasks should be spelled out in as much detail as possible prior to contracting an Engineer.  Based on the job, estimated length of time, danger and/or complications, an Engineer who accepts a bid will put in an offer for pay.  The initial bid may seem high, but that’s only because it is assumed that both parties will continue to negotiate for a fair price.  At the end of an Engineer’s service contract he or she can be expected to depart even if the job is not yet finished.  This is unless a new contract agreement can be reached.

-          Mze Fast Courier – Certain parcels require discreteness and a sensitivity to client privacy.  Shipping with Mze Fast Courier is best for when your parcel also requires a baby-sitter.  For items that call for that extra attention, why not try Mze Fast Courier?  Their helpful staff can offer maintenance during the voyage, support for live items, or even help ensure security for those one of a kind items.  Mze Fast Courier service is your prime point to point shipping provider.  Mze Fast Courier is the safest and fastest courier service in the sector.

Family Crest of the Overseers and by extension, symbol of Wayfarer

Wayfarer Characters


A former Borg drone of Vulcan extraction, the Kingpin runs much of Wayfarer's underground and crime world


Bringer of chaos.

Bort & Mbusse of Kimbianju

Arms dealers


Gula'oo bouncer at Lola's Speakeasy

Neb Kooj

Gula'oo salvage dealer