Setlin (Planet)

Class: M 
Typical Climate: Arid/ Desert (City Zones are more temperate)
Land/ Water Ratio: 70/30
Population: 40,000,000
Gravity: .96 Earth
Atmosphere: 78% Nitrogen, 18% Oxygen, 6% Other
Moons: None 
Natural Resources:  Dilithium and Metal Ores, Rich in Geothermal Energy
Dominant Government Style: Authoritarian

Setlin Flag

The planet Setlin is a corporately owned world. It was originally founded by the Setlin Group, a galactic mining consortium, due to its wealth of natural resources.  The mining industry features prominently in its economy, with vast portions of its industry devoted to the processing and transport of mined materials.

There are mines spread out across Setlin's surface.  These are manned by work crews at all times.  There is an indigenous population on Setlin called the Hasad.  Much of the mining and service to the mines is conducted by the Hasad, since they are more acclimated to the harsh environs of the planet than most outsiders.   

Since its founding, the planet has been used extensively as an interplanetary trade center due to its "perfect" location between Federation, Solimenti, and DFA space.  It has grown year after year as the corporate entity has sold trade and zoning contracts to outsiders. The Setlin Commerce Guild, a cabal of upper echelon elites,sets the rules for nearly everything, whether it be trade, development, local business, banking, insurance, etc;. Their projected image indicates a focus on service.  Once you get familiar with them, though, it becomes apparent that this friendly exterior is a facade for serious business.  

  (Example of Setlin Advertising)

Aside from mining, the freight trade is mainstay of the Setlin Commerce Guild. They watch it closely.

Some freighters are "Guild Approved" which means that they are under the protection of the Guild. In addition to these vessels, Setlin has become home to several independent freight runners. Thousands of small operators vie for shipping contracts daily. Still, the corporate vessels almost always get the best ones, so an antagonistic rivalry has been spawned as a result. Accidents have been known to "happen." 

Setlin has 2 main ports on the planet surface, Port City and Port Two.   Each has been encompassed within an atmospheric shield.  There is also a large orbital facility for large, bulk freighters that do not have the capacity to land.   Port City is the most populous of all locations on Setlin with an estimated 24 million residents.  Port Two is much smaller with only approximately 4 million people, who are engaged in agriculture in one way or another.  The remaining 11 million sentients live in the wastes.  This includes the Hasad and several groups of separatists.  

An additional feature is the small pleasure dome called Oasis. It is the most pleasant locale on Setlin, but most residents and visitors have never seen it.   Oasis has been set aside for high ranking government officials and their guests.  It is also a playground for the super-rich..

The Commerce Guild operates all warehousing facilities. Warehouses have a base fee due to cargo volume, but may also charge additional fees based on the cargo content.

Guild Inspectors do random checks of cargo being transferred ship-to-ship. If the cargo varies from filed documentation, they have the right to charge additional fees or even confiscate portions of the cargo. The Inspectors rarely confiscate cargo, since this would drive business away, but they are more than happy to find "false fees" to line their own pockets. For some freighter captain's these Inspectors are the most feared people on the planet. 

Siridon Arms Incorporated (SAI) has a vested interest in Setlin, since it allows them to have a Delta Quadrant supply base for their shipping and defense fleets.   

The area around Setlin including the Serii-Shatner Belt. Piracy there is a way of life for many. SAI does not normally operate inside Setlin Space due to a mutual agreement between the Commerce Guild and SAI.  It has been postulated that this is because, sometimes, piracy is good for business.  

Setlin seems dangerous, controlling, and inhospitable to many, but the credit and latinum flow is good. This brings back the regulars. It also encourages the dreamers and those wishing to start over to take a chance. Because of the constant influx of people, Setlin has a thriving business community.

Port City & Port Two


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Port City Locales & Services

Port City Landing Center (typical)

There are several sectors in Port City.  Each has a designated multi-level Landing Center or local facility.  Many of the landing surfaces are filled with hydraulic lift plates.  After a scan, some of these plates rise out of the ground and conform to the requirements of the craft that is landing.  This construct is called "the cradle".
The inner decks are multi leveled receiving platforms for shuttles and other small craft.  The outer fields are layered two deep (first layer shown).  Medium size craft use the first ring, and larger vessels the second.  Each tower contains a designated control area for its corresponding field.  They also contain a variety of business establishments that cater to the desires of arriving ship's  crews.  


Reina Kall owns a small shop.  They serve sanwiches, soups, and cafe beverages.  She has 2 full time employees, Kaza a Mari woman and Dado a Caatati man.  PCB is located in the F Sector Landing Center. It is almost always filled with the life of many interesting characters.  You never know what will happen at PCB.   (NOTE: You can search Memory Alpha for foods served at the Bistro)


Port City Manufacturing District, Sector B

Image Courtesy of Jacob Charles Dietz

Port City TXE Service

Image Courtesy of Jacob Charles Dietz

TXE's are an automated shuttle service used throughout Port City.  TXE's may land on the ground or at elevated platforms like this in more densely packed areas of the city.   

Commerce Guild Authorities


Setlin Tactical Air Guard

Image Courtesy of Jacob Charles Dietz

The Setlin Tactical Air Guard (S.T.A.G.) operates hundreds of fighters, which are based throughout the city and a small group of larger ships including the Foratu Class Security Cutter.  They are tasked with escorting Guild endorsed shipping within the Seri Star System and Setlin's atmosphere and providing a deterrent force against pirate activities. 

Setlin Police

On Setlin each Sector has their own police department and usually a courthouse and holding facility.  They all are connected to  the central government located in The Hub.  The Rim's police force is what some people would consider corrupt.  They are paid well by the Setlin Government for working in a rough neighborhood, as well as by many back door brokers for letting the forbidden trades happen.  The main thing they are there for is protection and theft control.  No dead bodies and no missing diamonds and everybody's happy.