THC Morningstar

The THC Morningstar is a gunship operated by Captain Calvin Daylek Sloan.

Calvin Daylek Sloan and Thedaius Cha'deMara were once crewmates on the S.S. Seiklon Axel, but even that is just a small piece of their history. These two have been covert operatives for Starfleet Intelligence and the Tal Shiar. They met aboard the U.S.S. Augustine, many years ago. Many of the things they have seen make them security risks. They are hunted by their respective governments. They have picked up their daughter Theamina from a Romulan colony and are now doing their best to protect her. Unfortunately in their case, this typically involves weapon's fire

This close knit family acquired the THC Morningstar in 2410, after assisting to halt an invasion by the Terran Empire, via a dimensional rift. The ship is far from perfect, but it is a fighting vessel...a gunship. Early scans of the vessel (above) give a clue as to what may need to be done to put this ship back in full fighting form. However, the fact that it is not, has never kept Captain Sloan from taking it into a fight.

Little is known about this ship. Here's what we have. First, much of the Morningstar is in a poor state of repair. The primary engines are Fusion Engines, “Starburst” design. They are very different from standard warp drives. The ship's back-up engines are simple electro chemical engines that are easy to maintain and use common fuels.

There are 8 fully autonomous programmable/manual, phased-pulse disruptor cannons on board. Each cannon has a maximum power rating of 80 gW, enough to put a dent in most ship’s shields. Also, each one can be set up to automatically target and fire on any and all incoming enemy vessels. Or, they can be controlled on the aux. bridge, or the mini C & C directly above it. Each set of twin cannons can be fired manually, from an adjacent ‘gun room. For some reason, this is the most well maintained part of the ship.

The Morningstar's Missile/Torpedo Bays were originally designed to deliver a payload of Tantalus-field bombs (a device which was designed to vaporize the crew of a starship or base, while leaving the equipment intact. Fortunately for their enemies, they have been redesigned to handle standard photon torpedoes. 

The ship has ample room for a small shuttlebay. No shuttles have been detected, aboard. 

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Calvin Daylek Sloan aka De'Vo Dk'Tahg


Race: Human

played by Ken C.


Thedaius Cha'DeMara


Race:  Romulan

played by Sandra P.

Theamina Cha'DeMara


Race: Romulan/ Human

played by Rich L. & Ken C.