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IKS Valkyrie

The I.K.S. Valkyrie is an aging B'rel Class Bird of Prey. It is operated by House To'var, a prominent family within the Klingon Empire. As with all family owned vessels, it is expected to come to the aid of the Klingon Imperial Fleet in time of need. House To'var has entered into a business venture with SAI to gain access to improved weapons systems. This agreement benefits SAI by allowing them to have their designs reviewed (unofficially) by the Klingon Defense Force.

Crew Information:

Command Grade 

Commander: K'Lira - Klingon F (Mark V.)
Executive Officer: Diana Hunter - Human F (Kara Z.)
2nd Officer/Ordinance Specialist: Open
Security/Interrogation Officer: Open


Helmsman/ Navigator: Mintark - Klingon M (NPC)
Science Officer: Open
Communications Officer: Boloth - Klingon M (NPC)
Chief Engineer: Kaa'lak - Klingon M (Michael S. aka "Spike")
Engineer's Mate: Open
Weapons Master: Dumas - Klingon M (Rich L.)
Jr. Weapons Officer: K'lan'ek - Klingon M (Edward L.)
Transporter Specialist: Open

Ships History:

The Valkyrie has been used for Homeland Defense by House To'Var for over 40 years. Once captained by Ta'rok To'Var, the Valkyrie became the personal property of his wife, Diana Hunter after his death.

Diana Hunter went on to become the Klingon ambassador to the DFA in 2409, leaving the ship to her XO, K'lira.

The Valkyrie saw poignant action during the Klingon Civil War of 2408 and also in the Siridon Arms led defense of Padar.

The Valkyrie is currently undergoing weapons systems upgrades from the private company as reward for services rendered.

Rumor has it that the vessel may be dispatched as an envoy vessel to the DFA from time to time. This assignment has not yet been verified.


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  Profile View
 Bottom View
 Top View
 Front View
 Cutaway View
 A - Deck 
 B - Deck
 C - Deck