Recognition and Awards

Seiklon Axel gives 9 awards for players of the game.  These awards are based upon the player's ability and not the character's ability.  If a repeat award is given, the player will receive the corresponding upgrade to their ribbon. The awards that we recognized are:

Teamwork Ribbon - Awarded for extra effort in helping others or assisting in plot advancement

Character Development Ribbon - Awarded for superior definition of a character

Plot Development Ribbon - Awarded for excellence in plot construction

Job Certification Ribbon - Earn Certifications in Bridge Operations, Engineering, Medical, Weapons Systems, Crew Support, & Cargo Operations.  (Ask CO for details)

Exploration Ribbon - Awarded for successful development of a well thought out world or race

Technology Ribbon - Awarded for successful development of a technological nature

Starfleet Commendation - Awarded for building strong ties to Star Trek canon

Freelancer Ribbon - Awarded for helping to develop Seiklon Axel as a non-traditional DS

Purple Heart - 
Awarded whenever a major character is sacrificed for a main plot

Seiklon Axel also announces it's Player of the Month in the Duty Station Report.  This may be used as criteria for presentation of the awards listed above.

In addition, there are 6 status ribbons.  These are:

Active CO

Active XO

Former Command Member

Years Of Service 1-5

Borderlands Council Member

Borderlands Hall of Famer

Current Players & Awards (Updated 02/08/2015)

Aaron Coutu (June, 14)   ACTIVE

Callum Hendry (April, 13)  INACTIVE

Charlotte Kolesar (Oct 11)   ACTIVE

Ken Cousino  (August, 06)  ACTIVE

Kevin Marshall (March, 11)  ACTIVE

Justin Phillips (January, 15)   ACTIVE

Randy Ference (August, 14)   ACTIVE

Rich LeValley  (April, 08)  ACTIVE

Samuel Jones (December, 14)   ACTIVE

Notable Past Players 

Adam Pracht  (October, 09 - ???) 

Alexa Buckus  (June, 11 - ???)  

Dave Wurnig (Dec, 11- Mar, 14)

Garry Kellogg (June, 13 - July,14)

Jason Bratcher (Details Lost)

Jenny Nicholson (Aug, 11 - Mar, 12) 

Jonathan Moore (Nov, 11 - Dec, 15)   

Juliet Anderson (June, 11)  - (Jan, 13)

Mark Vorenkamp  (April, 08) - (Mar, 11)

Raf Tibackx (Aug, 12 - Aug, 14)

Roxane Beyette  (September, 09 - June, 11)  

Sandra Phillips  (September, 07) - (April, 12)