08. My Essays in English

  I show you here my Essays in English. These are all homeworks given in a conversational  English class.

    One of my hobbies is riding many kinds of vehicles, vessels and aircrafts. Wherever there is a chance for me to ride on, I use to do so. ・・・

     More than about twenty years ago, I saw a street performer for the first time at Covent Garden in London. ・・・

     Have you ever heard of the Japanese word "Wasan"(和算)?  Wasan is a Japanese traditional mathematics. ・・・

     One week ago, I went to Kamakura to visit The Kentchou-ji Zen Temple to see red and yellow leaves.  ・・・

      I am very glad to be here with you all and I appreciate Mr. Hunter for setting this party tonight.  ・・・

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