sei chu kan

training in traditional

aikido, iaido, and zazen

Train in a traditional, real setting with a true martial arts master

A.I. Lieber, AKA Yahe Solomon, 6th dan

Chief Instructor

Bozeman, MT  406-600-1525

With TK Chiba, Shihan


 Classes start September, 2014


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about aikido

Aikido is a martial art founded by O'Sensei Morihei Ueshiba in the 20th century as a derivative of the classical Japanese jujitsu, sword and spear schools. Aikido is a true budo, or path. 

It is a powerfully defensive art which is also practiced as a purification exercise and a means of self-cultivation. Contemporary life emphasizes linear thinking; Aikido, due to its nature and practice, addresses the basic issue of unification and moving beyond pairs of opposites to embrace the totality of life as an organic process.

about the dojo

All are welcome here.

The style of practice at Sei Chu Kan dojo emphasizes connection with the partner and is traditionally vigorous.  This style is martial.  This does not necessarily mean "fighting", but awareness.

You will not learn immediate self defense technique here.  It takes years of study and practice; as opposed to some other forms of martial arts and even some practices of aikido, this aikido is non linear; three dimensional, which requires a different methodology and more advanced training and mindset (or lack thereof).

 If you simply  want to be externally fit,  or achieve a superficial understanding, this is not the place for you.

This is not achieved from ideology or talking about dogma, but through doing. 

  Training includes aikido weapons practice (bokken and jyo) as well as iaido (sword drawing) forms and instruction in zazen (Japanese zen meditation)

We welcome questions but encourage you to join a class for a more substantial answer.



News and Events

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A.I. with Doshu (deceased), (the son of the founder of Aikido, M. Ueshiba), and the current Doshu, Hombu Dojo, Japan

  A.I. Lieber, (AKA Yahe Solomon) 6th dan, Shidoin (Certified Teacher) Aikido, 2nd dan Iaido, Chief Instructor of Sei Chu Kan, has 37 years of aikido training, 24 years as an instructor.

Yahe/AI  started training aikido at age six with Dr. M. Nakazono and his son, Dr. K. Nakazono.  After graduating from the Kototama Institute in 1984, with a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (acupuncture) degree, upon the recommendation of Dr. Masahilo Nakazono, he travelled to San Diego to further his study of aikido under Professor TK Chiba, a direct student of the founder of aikido (who is known as O'Sensei). 

He completed the kenshushei (intensive training) program as an uchideshi (live in student) with Professor T.K. Chiba in San Diego, CA.  

Sensei also apprenticed as an uchideshi in Hombu Dojo (the headquarters school for aikido) in Japan for almost three years under Mr. K. Ueshiba, the son of the founder of aikido (O'Sensei). 

 He ran the Connecticut Aikikai dojo in New Haven, CT for ten years after Juba Nour (Shihan, 6th dan) passed it to him.  He is the father/stepfather of three children. 

Yahe/AI is an acupuncturist and maintains a practice in Bozeman. : see here for more information.




Kelly Burns Solomon, 2nd dan Aikido, has been training in aikido since 1992. She trained as kenshusei, a special intensive training program in aikido, zazen (meditation) and iaido (sword drawing) with Professor T.K. Chiba (8th dan) in San Diego, CA.  She also trained under Shihan M. Murashige at the San Diego dojo.  She is the mother of three children; one in college!