About us

Seibukan Karate Club has been established in Nottingham since 1994 (under the instruction of Sensei Alan Campbell, JKS 6th Dan) and 
in June 2009 Sensei Craig Williams (JKS 3rd Dan) opened a dojo at KK Sports Centre, Carlton Road, Nottingham.

The club has a friendly atmosphere where both children and adults are welcome to train, learn and excel through each stage of their 

karate journey.

The KK Dojo Karate Club is open to people of any age, gender or physical ability. Respect, courtesy, and self-discipline are 3 of the

core values of the traditional karate taught at this club.

Sensei Craig Williams, JKS 3rd Dan

1999: Started training at the age of 12 at Kokoro Karate Club 
         under Chris Hallam Sensei (3rd Dan).

2000: Joined Seibukan Karate Club under Alan Campbell Sensei 

         (JKS 6th Dan).

2001: SSKA Junior Championships, Kumite - 2nd. 

       - FSKVD German International Open, Team Kata - 3rd.

2002: First ever SSKA Junior Championships Grand Champion - 

         winning individual Kata and Kumite (also Team Kata - 1st,  

         Team Kumite - 3rd).

       - Passed Shodan with Alan Campbell and Uwé Schwehm 


       - Won 2 bronze medals at the FSKA World Karate 

         Championships, Las Vegas, USA in Boys 14-15 years 

         Heavyweight Kumite and Team Kata.

       - Legend Open Boys Kumite - 3rd.

2004: Won Gold (Men’s Team Kata), Silver (Male Cadets 16-20 

         years Kata) and Bronze (Male Cadets 16-20 years Kumite) 

         at the 1st JKS GB Championships.

2006: Passed Nidan with Yasuhisa Inada Sensei and under the 

         guidance of Takeshi Yamaguchi, Koshi Kanayama, Alan      

         Campbell and Scott Langley Sensei’s.

       - Won Silver medal for Senior Kata and Gold for Team 

         Kumite at the JKS Ireland Open.

       - Won Gold in Men’s (20+) Kumite and Men’s Team Kata 

         and Silver in Male Cadets (16-19) Kumite and Men’s Team 

         Kumite at the JKS GB Open.

2007: Travelled to Okinawa to train and compete in the JKS 

         World Championships.

       - Won Gold in Senior Kumite at the JKS Ireland Open.

       - Won Gold in Team Kata at the JKS GB Open.

2008: Quarter-Finalist in Open Weight Kumite and Senior Kata 

         at the British University Championships, Sheffield.

       - Selected for the FEKO England Squad.

       - Won Bronze in Team Kata and Team Kumite for JKS 

         England at the JKS European Championships, Cambridge, 


       - Won Gold in Team Kata and Silver in Men's Kata at the 

         JKS GB Open.

2009: Won Silver in both Senior Kata and Kumite at the All 

         England Open Karate Championships.

       - Won Bronze for Team Kata at the Northern Open Classic, 

         in Leigh, Manchester.

       - Won Gold in Team Kumite for JKS England and came 4th 

         in Men's Kumite at the JKS Ireland Open, Dublin.

       - Won Bronze medal in Kumite at the JKS Scotland 


       - Won Silver for Kata and Bronze for Team Kumite at the 

         JKS England Open.

       - Set up the Seibukan Karate Club KK Dojo.

       - Appointed Seibukan Junior Squad Coach.

2010: Passed Sandan with Masao Kagawa Shihan, in Dublin,   


       - Won Bronze in  over 75kg Kumite at the Central England 

         Open, Walsall.

       - Won Silver in Kata and Bronze in Team Kumite at the JKS 

         Ireland Open, Dublin.

       - Quarter-finalist in Men's Kumite at the JKS Scotland 


       - Won Gold for Team Kata, Silver for Men's Kata, Bronze for 

         Team Kumite and came 4th in Kumite at the JKS England 

         Championships, Nottingham.

       - 4th place in Men's Team Kumite and Men's Team Kata at 

         the JKS European Championships, Ramat Gan, Israel.

       - Appointed Seibukan Junior Squad Coach.

2011: Won Gold in Kata, Silver in Team Kata and Bronze in Team 

         Kumite at the JKS Ireland Open, Dublin.

       - Reached the Semi-final in Men's Kata and 6th place in 

         Team Kata at the JKS World Championships, Edinburgh, 


       - Won Silver in both Men's Kumite and Kata and Bronze in 

         both Team Kata and Men's Team Kumite at the JKS 

         England Championships, Nottingham.

2012: Attended JKS England Trials at the Leeds Karate Academy, 

         Hombu Dojo - was selected for the JKS England Elite Squad 

         and part of the England Kumite Team for the EKF National 

         Championships at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Seibukan Junior Squad 2010 - medal winners (I was the squad coach that year)