Required Tools

LATE BREAKING NEWS! Two of the required files for the Embedded Metadata workshop have been updated to correct a couple of errors.  Please download the replacement file called "vra_metadata_import-2017.txt" (when prompted, download as a .txt file) and put it on your laptop in your "SEI2017 Embedded Metadata Images" folder.  Additionally, download the "VRA_Export-Import_2_0_2017-06-05.jsx" file--this replaces the earlier version from the VRA_Bridge_Metadata_Tools folder--and follow the original instructions below to add it to Adobe Bridge.  If you have trouble with installation, don't worry--just download the files and we will walk through it in the session!

SEI attendees are required to bring their own laptops.  If you are borrowing a laptop from your institution and do not have admin privileges, you will need to have your IT staff help you install some software and tools, so be sure to do this before you leave for Chapel Hill!

Embedded Metadata: David Riecks, Wednesday, June 7
Step 1: Please download these folders to your laptop:

Step 2: Be sure you have Adobe Bridge, CS5 or newer.  
If you don't have Bridge, you can download it for free. Mac users can download the trial version here. PC users go here.

Step 3: Install the two plugins in the VRA_Bridge_Metadata_Tools folder.  Full instructions are included in the README.txt file in that folder.

    1. Start Bridge
    2. Go to Bridge Preferences
            Go to Edit --> Preferences --> Startup Scripts
            Go to Adobe Bridge --> Preferences --> Startup Scripts
    3. Click "Reveal My Startup Scripts".  This will open the correct folder
    4. Into this folder, copy the the two downloaded files
        "VRA_Export-Import_2_0_2016-06-14.jsx" REPLACE WITH 
    5. Close the folder
    6. Quit Bridge
    7. Start Bridge
    8. When prompted, confirm the installation of both:

Step 4: Download and install the IPTC Cultural Heritage Panel.

Download the IPTC Cultural Heritage Panel from -- if you would like, you can also download the "Photo Metadata Toolkit for Adobe CS 3 – 5.5" (right below the download above) as we will also use this as another option for viewing metadata. Installation instructions are included with these downloads. 

Step 5: Download and install the XnViewMP app (editor and organizer that can read/write XMP).