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Southeast High Links

Some Old Elementary School Pictures


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Southeast High Links:

 Here is the link to the main page of Southeast High School:

 Here are a couple of SEHS sports links supplied by Coach Maechtle:

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Some Old Elementary School Pictures

Some fellow classmates from Orange Ridge Elementary:  (contributed by Dan Walker C/O '75)

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If you've posted a bio and your e-mail address isn't attached, but you'd like it to be, please let me know and I'll add it.  E-mail me at

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Many Thanks to the Reunion Committee:

c/o '75:  Deb Gamsky Bell

c/o '76:  Mike Chancey

c/o '77:  Julie Collins Perez, Deb Ellinwood Demers, Sandy Roberts White, Sheila Roberts Veatch, Kevin Smith, Carolyn Speck Smith, Martha Stevenson Briggs, Vickie Turner Lawson, Kathy Watson Linn, & Belinda Wilson Younce

c/o '78:  Rita Foskey Skinner, Jaymie Ninni Carter, Jay Romine, & Blake Younce

c/o '79:  Maria Cucci Smith & Mike Vaadi

c/o '80:  David Pincus

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"Moving to the mountains increases one's popularity, well at least in terms of visitors. In 1985 my household was quite overrun by Bradentonians looking for relief from Florida's oppressive summer heat. One particular Sunday after church, my family met with some friends at a local restaurant for brunch. Two of these included my at-the-time business partner, William 'Spar' Harmon, (SEHS class of '70) and his family, and Florida visitor Sheila Roberts, (SEHS class of '77). We were sitting there enjoying our meal when I looked around and noticed how crowded the restaurant had become. I discovered someone that looked very familiar not even three tables away from us. I discussed my findings with Spar and Sheila, and we unanimously agreed it was Mrs. Louise Newman, our assistant principal of SEHS. Fancy that - three alumni and one assistant principal, 627 miles from school, ten years later in little old Clayton, Georgia! We garnered the courage to go over and say hello to her. We were delighted to learn it was indeed Mrs. Newman. She was up here on vacation with her husband. I think she mentioned they were staying at a cabin in Maggie Valley, or Highlands, NC, or somewhere close. The funny thing is, after introducing ourselves to her, she had no recollection of any of us. Not even Sheila, and I believe she was principal during Sheila's senior year. She said Sheila's name was vaguely familiar. I guess when you see as many new faces coming thru the school system as she has, you don't have time to remember them all. However, I don't think she'll ever forget David or Monte, no matter how hard she tries."

-- Ray Clifford

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