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Arcadi Catlett, Sherry
Bias Fye, Lela
Brown, Patrick
Busiere, Jeff
Cadle, Grady
Carlson Bellamy, Susan
Clifford, Michael "Ray"
Connell Bell, Wanda
Cook, Mike


Dailey, Ken
Dornan Schleager, Mary
Earls, Jerrell
Ervin, Randall


Gafford Barnes, Vickie
Gamsky Bell, Deb
Gilley, Mark
Goodman Lyons, Marilyn
Grable, Joe
Guynup, Gayle
Haines, Joel



Madden Warne, Kelly
McElhiney, Ralph
McGee Phillips, Peggy
Morris, Ellis
Nelson, Eddie and Rex
Odell, Scott
Oglesby, Tom


Pearson, Larry
Peterson, Mark
Prieto Wagner, Miki
Richards Belt, Candy
Ruston Boyce, Laurie


Santinello, Don
Saunders, Ronald
Schwartzkopf, Joe
Sears, Gerald
Sparkman Houghtaling, Valerie
Stagg Kelly, Kathie
Stevenson, Monte
Strickland, Dave
Teates, Byron
Toth Wren, Carmen


Walker, Robert
Wheatley, Janet
Wilson Langford, Roberta



I have been married for 25 years (this year) to a wonderful man named David. He graduated from Manatee high, so he is a local, too. We met when we both worked at Eckerds. We have lived in Palmetto since ‘87. We have two sons that go to Palmetto High. The oldest, Jeremy, is a senior - time flies - and the youngest, Anthony is a freshman.

Shortly after Jeremy was born, I “retired” from my corporate buying job with Eckerds in Clearwater and became a full time stay-at-home mom. I stayed home, full time until Anthony went to school. Then I started volunteering at school, then substituting, and then decided to go back to school to become a teacher. So, now I teach first grade at Blackburn Elementary in Palmetto. I graduated from USF last December with a bachelors in elementary education. Right now I am in a program with NOVA and Manatee County to earn a masters degree in science education. The tuition is paid and in return I have to work for the school district for three years after my graduation. As time may allow, I would love to come to some of the meetings, and hopefully, the reunion. Thanks for sharing the pictures everyone is sending. It is wonderful to see everybody!


After leaving Southeast in 1974 after my junior year, I moved to St. Petersburg to live with my sister and her husband and graduated from Dixie Hollins High School in 1975. It was hard moving away right before my senior year, but life at home was becoming unbearable with my step father.

After graduation, I attended St. Petersburg Junior College. I met my husband, Larry, at church where his half brother, Alan was the youth minister. As it turned out, Alan Watson was the brother of Kathy Watson (c/o ‘77) but we didn't know each other when we were both at Southeast. (Alan is also a Southeast alum, c/o ’71.) Talk about a small world. Larry and I have been married for 29 years this year. We never had any children but we "adopted" a 15 year old girl named Ashley who I had mentored since she was 12. She is going to be 17 in July.

I worked for many years as a secretary for the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, then worked as a Secretary for Nielsen Media Research. After my husband retired, we moved to Old Town, Florida on three acres in the woods in 2001. I worked for Southern Abstract and Title in Cross City for 4 years until the real estate market took a dive in 2006. I am now working for Wal-Mart in Chiefland, Florida (about 50 miles west of Gainesville) in the Dairy Department. I wasn't sure I would like working in retail after being in an office almost all of my life, but it has been good. I've gotten a lot of exercise and feel more energetic than ever. One of the girls in my department, Chrissy, turned out to be the daughter of one of my classmates at Southeast, Marilyn Goodman. Again, talk about a small world. Our Assistant Manager is also from Bradenton and graduated from Bayshore. His name is Tracy King.

Larry's sister, Anne, still lives in the Bradenton area with her husband Denny and we get down there every chance we get as it's only about a 3 hour drive.

I think of a lot of you often and it's been fun looking at photos and reading the bios. I can't make it to this year’s reunion, but perhaps sometime in the future. Best of luck to all of the alumni of SOUTHEAST HIGH!!!


Pat works for Rex Nelson at Dana Site and Paving.


“Jeff passed away on September 20, 2005. Jeff was the owner of Rush Spray Service. He was the proud father of three sons, Craig, Dustin and Chad who all worked along side him. One of his clients was Mosaic Phosphate Mines. He sprayed the lakes in the mines on land that was being reclaimed. Although we will never know what happened (until the resurrection), Jeff and his eldest son Craig were trying out a new airboat Jeff had purchased for work, before beginning the day. For some reason the airboat sank in the middle of the lake, most likely due to the weight of the spray tanks being off balance. Jeff and his son Craig both tried swimming to shore but the hydrilla in the lake proved to be too much for them to swim through and they both drowned. They are dearly missed by their family.”

- Jennie Busiere Chancey-Attended with class of 78

Joanie Busiere-Graduated class of 80

Jan Busiere-Attended with class of 81

Jody Busiere-Attended with class of 86


In February I bought a Pontiac, GMC dealership, and it is keeping me busy to say the least. I have 6 children, only one left at home and her name is Mackenzie “Micki”. All of the others are off on there own. Michael graduates Miami FL - major Music in May. Christina graduated Florida about 5 years ago and now works for IBM in Atlanta. Kalina “Kali” is in her second year at Auburn and doing well in Engineering. Ekaterina “Kate”, my Russian wife’s girl, my stepdaughter, graduates FSU in 2 weeks - major Art. And Jonathan “Jon” graduated from NASCAR school in NC and is my lead tech at the dealership. I have been fortunate in many regards. I have a beautiful wife Janna from Russia, wonderful children all career oriented and no grandchildren to spoil.


Susan and her husband have two daughters: Melinda, 29, an RN in ICU at Leesburg Regional Hospital and Jordan, 18, a freshman at University of Florida. Susan has one granddaughter. She owns a company “Naturally Simple Solutions” in Mount Dora, which is the buying arm for many major supermarket chains across the country for their floral departments.”


After graduation, I briefly attended Manatee Junior College, married a Manatee High School girl in October ‘76, and worked mainly in commercial and residential construction. In ‘77 and ‘79 we had two great kids. We left Bradenton in April of 1985 and moved to the Blue Ridge mountains of northeast Georgia. From there went back into home construction for four years and then took a position in management with Hanes the next 18 years. Returned to college in 1999 for Business Administration degree. I am currently director of facilities maintenance engineering for Standard Register. Despite having two grandchildren Jordy, 8, and Nick, 1, I’m still very active - running marathons, 10ks, adventure races and riding bikes.


“I have been working for Beall’s Department stores for 18 years, overseeing the authorization center for our stores numbering close to 600. I am so looking forward to attending and seeing all those who will attend this event. Even though we have not kept in close touch, there hasn’t been a time in my life that I haven’t thought of each and all of my class mates in a fond and wondrous way, hope mostly that all were well and doing or accomplishing all that they hoped. Looking so forward to seeing all in July. Truly and sincerely. The wild and wacky woman that I am (now not then) Who Knew!”


“After graduating from Southeast High, I went on to graduate from Southern Nazarene University out of Oklahoma City in 1980. Met my wife, Glenda, during our junior year there and married July 14, 1978. We have two kids: Our daughter graduated, also from same school, and now works as an editor in Fort Worth, Texas. Our son is in the Marines (three tours in IRAQ, one purple heart) and is married, providing us with two grandsons. I am a Senior Chief in the Navy. Been all over the world. Glenda is a nurse. Been married now for 30 years, and still having fun.

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“I worked my way through the University of Florida and graduated in 1987 with a BS in advertising, years after high school. It was fun and I was able to enjoy the college atmosphere as it probably took that long for me to mature to the level of a college student.

I was in a fraternity, Delta Upsilon. They offered “all you can eat” as an incentive. It was very similar to Animal House with the Pikes as our nemesis frat house down the road. I was tied quasi-naked to the Delta Gamma anchor, quite embarrassing as I was also handcuffed and wrapped with bicycle chain and rope. I was in decent shape but there was no escaping without help. Two DGs brought me a towel and took me to the police station where they calmly removed, and confiscated the “police quality” handcuffs. I also umpired softball. My claim to fame was the famous bad call at the Fraternity championship game where I was plate umpire and missed a foul ball due to the crowd obstructing my view. I was able to escape the resulting melee by asking. “Who hit me?” Everyone walked around dumbfounded while denying the assault. I crawled from under the pile and was able to calmly walk away.

I am a business analyst specializing in category management and consumer product marketing. I have worked for Osram Sylvania, Fleet Pharmaceuticals, Newelll Rubbermaid, and currently work for a NY Drug retailer called Kinney Drugs. My skills are creating and developing the capabilities and best practices in consumer product sales and marketing. I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up and recently interviewed with Family Dollar to develop a new position they called Manager of Category Analytics in Charlotte NC.

I have been married twice, the first produced a daughter, Gabrielle, who is now sixteen and studying to be a Dr., already? Kids have lots of pressure to succeed now. She is going to a medical leadership council in Washington DC in June.

My second wife changed my life again in a different way. We were engaged and both successful when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I left my position at Fleet Pharmaceuticals and married her. She went in the hospital the next day and never came out.

My current position at Kinneys is a result of my need to move away and start over completely. I have successfully restarted my career, overcome finally obstacles, and have recently met someone who is very special to me. Everything has come full circle.


I’m a grandma. I’ve been living in Colorado for the past 10 years - working as a programmer analyst for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. I’ve been married to my current husband, Phil, for the past 7 years. You can pass along to the class of ‘73 that my brother, Jim, passed away from cancer in 2006. Even though Colorado is a beautiful state, I miss Florida from time to time. (Better seafood in Florida! We get California stuff here... UGH!)

My son (28), daughter-in-law and grandson live in Athens, GA. They moved there a little over a year ago. My daughter-in-law is a nuclear medicine specialist. My son does installation and repair work on hospital computer systems that run medical equipment. My husband, Phil is also a programmer for the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office - we met on the job and are still working together 10 years later. It’s hard to believe it’s been over 30 years since high school. Please pass my e-mail address on to anyone who wants it. I’d be happy to hear from them!


Jerrell and his wife, Pamela, have a daughter Shanti. “I am getting teased because everyone is talking about grandchildren and our first was 6 months old on Easter Sunday. We have a girl, Shanti Noelle. She is one of my greatest joys so far in my life. I occupy my time with church and playing/coaching a mens church softball team.


“After graduation from Southeast High School, I enlisted in the US Army, traveled the States and was based for several years in Seattle/Tacoma, Washington (beautiful area). After leaving the Army I moved to Miami, Florida where I met my wonderful wife Joanna. We celebrated our 24th anniversary this spring and still reside in Miami. I work for Miami Dade County Parks and Recreation (one of the largest park systems in the US) as a Construction and Maintenance Supervisor. In my spare time I fish for both business and pleasure. I own and operate two fishing vessels and am a licensed US Coast Guard Captain. I frequent the waters offshore Miami and the Florida Keys, back country Flamingo, Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park, all which I consider my backyard, I love it here. I have two sons and three grandchildren. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Fish on...”

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My husband and I have established a non-profit organization called Caribbean Children’s Ministries. Our mission statement is: “introducing children to Christ through programs and activities that show his love for them.” We travel mostly to Jamaica, but are also involved in some programs in Haiti. We work in a children’s camp in the summer in Kingston, Jamaica and teach classes, do arts and crafts, organize sports, and wash a lot of dishes! For many of the children that we work with, camp is the most exciting week of their year. We also assist many of the churches in establishing children’s programs by supplying Sunday School literature, worship music CD’s and DVD’s as well as electronic equipment. Many of these things our children take for granted here in the US but the churches in these countries have no resources for their kids. Caribbean Children’s Ministries has a project in Haiti where we collect, purchase and ship clothing to an orphanage in the northern region of the island. When clothes are washed on a rock, they wear out quickly. We try to help with that need.

I could go on and on about the opportunities with which we have been blessed. One of the most exciting things for me is to realize that stepping out of my comfort zone and having the faith to go where God has led me is the source of my blessings and the peace in my life. It’s a long ways from the hall of Southeast High School!


After earning a bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida, majoring in education and journalism, I taught journalism and English at Bayshore High for 11 years. After my son Beau was born, I began an advertising/graphic design business ( I married Warren Bell in 1979 (he’s the son of my 9th grade English teacher, Ellen Bell). Our daughter, Lindsey, is 22 and majoring in psychiatry and minoring in business at USF. Beau, is a junior at Bayshore High.


I teach English at Xuchang University, Xuchang, China. I’ve been here since 3/07. Since FSU I’ve wanted to live in and experience Asian culture. After my 24 year marriage ended in divorce I decided last year to liquidate the houses, condo, land, cars, and anything else I couldn’t carry in two suitcases, find a job teaching English in Asia, and set off for the unknown. The only material possessions I’ve left behind in the states are two filing boxes with personal papers at my parents house, and a time-share in Vegas. At first, I took a psychological hit thinking I no longer have things to measure my life with. But now I’ve reached the point where I just don’t care about accumulating possessions and enjoy the freedom to travel and live where I wish. In deciding to live as I am I can’t rule out a mid-life crisis as a contributing factor, but I’m enjoying myself so much, may the crisis never end!

From the ruins of the marriage came one true and beautiful goodness, my only child Sarah. She graduated from The United States Military Academy at West Point last year and is now a 2LT working in Military Intelligence. She speaks fluent French and last year finished her final semester studying in France. We met there for a week last May and toured the Normandy beaches (info on how to see the pics of the trip are below). She deserves kudos for her accomplishments, but what I am really proud of and love to talk about, is that she’s just a good and kind person.

Unfortunately, she is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan in December. The one silver lining is that she’s the intelligence officer for an aviation support unit to the 101st Airborne Division. This means her deployment will be for 12 months instead of the usual 18 months. Turns out the Army is concerned about the wear and tear on the aircraft given the flying conditions of Afghanistan. It’s cost efficient to move Sarah’s aviation unit back to Ft Campbell, where she’s currently stationed, rather than fix the aircraft in the theater of operations. Of course, the Army seems little concerned about the human toll 18 month deployments incur for the rest of those deployed.

Be that as it may, as for my personal life I have a live-in companion, her name is HyonJin Im, she’s from South Korea. She also teaches English. Jin and I have been friends for almost three years. Much to my surprise, after I moved to China, and when Jin was going through some transitions in her own life, she took me up on my offer to come and live with me. Our friendship has only deepened since she’s been here and now I’m looking for a teaching job in Korea so she can be back in her own culture for awhile. She has two Master degrees, one is an MDiv, like mine, and the other is in Systematic Theology. While she’s a Christian, I’m no longer a believer and find the philosophical thinking of empiricism more appealing. We both enjoy philosophy and Jin would like to get a PhD in the subject. However, my future goal is to buy a sailboat to live aboard, teach English in a city near any coast, and sail during the summer to places I’ve dreamed of visiting.

I get back to the states a couple of times a year to visit Sarah, wherever she may be, and my parents in Bradenton. Larry Pearson and I have kept in touch and we just saw each other in Feb. I’m not sure when I’ll be back again this year, but I won’t be able to make the reunion. When I do return, if anyone would like to meet for drinks (martinis and Guinness are unknown in the small town I live in) it would be fun to see you. If you’re interested in photos, I post pics of some of my travels at I also send out news of my travels to family and friends through a group email. If you want to be included, just let me know.


I was married to Bob Lyons on July 7, 2007 (777). We both work for Manatee County Government. Bob will be retiring next year (2009), and I will continue to work since I have only worked there for 17 years (unless we win the lottery...then I’m outta there tomorrow). We operate an organic, hydroponic farm and sell our vegetables/fruits from our on-site market on the weekends. We also sell fresh, brown eggs from our chickens. When Bob retires, he will open our market during the week. You can see photos of our farm and other information on our website: My daughter, Christine, is now 27. She has two beautiful children: Wesley age 9 and Sierra age 4. They live in Bell, Florida (too far away). My son, Buddy, is now 25. He and his wife, Amanda, have a beautiful daughter, Leila age 1 year 8 months. They live in Bradenton (so that makes me a Grandma 3 times).


Joe Grable is single and has a 5-year-old daughter and two grown children. He has worked for Wellcraft for 25 years. His brilliant and beautiful sister Betty Grable (Class of ‘74) earned her doctorate degree and is teaching at Florida A&M University.


I have been in the journalism field since high school. After graduating from U.S.F., I worked on magazines, first for three years in Atlanta, and then for three years in New York City. I moved back to Sarasota, where I worked for three years as general manager of Sarasota Magazine, for 14 years as marketing director for Michael Klauber’s food-and-wine businesses, and for two years as head of my own company, Splash Marketing. For the last five years, I have been editor of Style magazine, a Sarasota Herald-Tribune publication, a job that I truly love. My other great love is my four dogs - Jagger, Aspen, Kiefer and Toby.


Joel is single and is almost finished with his AA degree (journalism and mass communication). After high school, he served active duty in the army for almost six years and then in the Army Reserve and National Guard for many years after that. He has worked as a courier for Manatee Community College for over eight years.

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After high school, I worked my way through MCC and USF. I worked at Disney World as a lifeguard in between to earn money for college. I have been teaching art at Oneco Elementary for 25 years. My husband, Graham, is from England, and we lived in London for a year. We have three children. Rachael, 21, is a junior at UF, presently studying French and sustainable living in Senegal, Africa. Hannah, 18, who is a senior at Southeast and plays soccer for IMG Academy, is going to the Citadel next fall on a soccer scholarship. Liam, 14, is at Central High School and I am happy if he goes to school every day, and I hope he makes it through 9th grade. I did a sprint Triathlon on Siesta Key in October to celebrate turning 50 and that I am still alive and kicking.


Ralph McElhiney is an elementary school special education teacher and coach at Bayshore High. He and his wife, Donna, have two beautiful children.


I have two sons Troy (30) and Todd (28) and one grandson (the love of my life) Kobe who is six and a half and starting 1st grade at Bashaw Elementary in Aug. After eight years I am leaving Lakewood Ranch High School, but I am looking forward to a new start at Bayshore High School. I will be working in the ESE Department (where my heart is) again and I am very excited. I hope everyone has a wonderful time and I will miss you all. Maybe I will see everyone at the 40th.


I have been married to Patty for 32 years. Our son Tom is 30 and is married and has one child, our granddaughter age 3. He lives in Athens, GA about 3 hours away from us. Our daughter Crystal is a divorced single mom with 2 kids, our 6 yr old grandson and a 4 yr old granddaughter and lives in the town that we do, Maggie Valley NC. Patty and I had a vacation home in Maggie Valley since 1988 and when we sold the pest control business we moved permanently to Maggie Valley in 1999; the area that we loved so much over the years. It was time for us make a career change, so we ended up as REALTOR’s (too long of a story to explain.) Patty and I are a husband & wife real estate team at Re/Max Mountain Realty in Waynesville. We specialize in mountain vacation homes, however with the market being tough like it is; we work the whole spectrum of real estate. Our home is up on a mountain on 11 wooded acres, at about 4400 feet in elevation. It is a serene setting with beautiful mountain views; this is what we live for. We love the small town atmosphere without the crime and traffic congestion.


Eddie Nelson’s sister in law (Rex’s wife) said Eddie died from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS), the same disease that took their mother 9 years ago. Eddie’s family is planning a memorial gathering for Eddie’s friends some time this summer. I will keep you posted. He left behind a 3 year old son and 12 year old daughter, plus his three grown daughters and three granddaughters.

As for Rex Nelson, he and his wife Theresa are busy enjoying their 2 year old granddaughter and 2 week old grandson. “When we are not with them we are riding our Harley and meeting other riders or cruising in our boat with our boat club.”


I still live in Bradenton and have been working at the South Florida Museum for nine years. I have been a freelance photographer for motorcycle magazines for a very long time. I have been traveling around the globe whenever I can. I have been to Bora Bora, Mach Pichu, Alaska, Puerto Rico in the last two years and in May I will be taking a motorcycle tour of five European countries, including the Alps. I do everything with my wife Carla. She is the one that finally made my life complete. Without her, life would be very lonesome.


I’ve been married for 27 years now. We have a grown son, who is also married and has 2 children. How about that, I’m a grandfather! I was in the Air Force for 20 years. We pretty much traveled around the world during that time (our son was born in Tokyo, Japan. After I retired from the AF in ‘95, I went to work as a software engineer for several different companies until 2001. At that time, we were living in Atlanta, GA. The technology job market took a huge nose dive then and I was laid off. After 2 months, I finally got a job offer from a company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That job has turned out to be the best I have had, so we have stayed in Minnesota (drawbacks: it snowed all day yesterday - we got 8 inches. Brr).

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Larry joined the Army, 82nd Airborne, right out of high school. “I used my GI bill to go to VOTEC – A/C. Air conditioning is pretty much all I’ve ever done, career wise. Almost 30 years in it, 20 years of it in business for myself. I sold the residential part of my company about nine months ago. The focus of my company now is commercial Indoor Air Quality and Building Performance. I am divorced and have two boys, Tyler Dean Pearson (8 years old) and Cole Cameron Pearson (4 years old). I still enjoy playing team sports, love boating and fishing. Best of all, the boys are great, I coach them in everything and get them all the time. I have always lived in Bradenton, currently in the Inlets. So I’m close to my boat!


After graduation Mark ran away from home and joined the Air Force; thanks to Mike Ritchie, SEHS class of 74, for the idea. While at the Air force Academy, besides the academic classes and military training, he substituted his water skis for snow skis, learned to fly airplanes without engines (hopefully he will never have to use that skill unexpectedly) and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes. He would like to take this opportunity to thank Dave Strickland and Monte Stevenson for their letters of support and sharing their stories of real college life (parties and freedom). Mark met his wife, Carol, during the fall of his senior and they married after graduation.

They headed south to Laughlin AFB, Texas (where is Del Rio, Texas?) for Air Force pilot training. Having done so well in Pilot Training, the Air Force made an offer that couldn’t be refused (sarcasm intended) and assigned him to stay as jet instructor pilot. While there Carol and Mark were blessed with their first son, Jeffrey, who would graduate twenty-two years later from UF as a Mechanical Engineer and is now working for a great multi-discipline international engineering company in Atlanta (CH2MHill).

It was time to move on. In 1985 Mark’s next assignment was to Bitburg AB, West Germany joining the 53RD Tactical Fighter Squadron Tigers flying the F-15 Eagle as a NATO air defense asset in the cold war, defending western Europe against the evil (declining) Soviet Empire. Even in peace time Mark spent half of the year deployed around Europe; the service to country, flying and travel was a truly rewarding experience. Carol and Mark’s second son, Eric, joined them while overseas and is now graduating from FSU and will be attending the University of Texas/Austin Master’s program to continue his percussion music studies in the fall.

The end of 1988 brought the conclusion to Mark’s military service and a jump to civilian life. American Airlines was opening a crew base in Miami so Mark and Carol have been living in south Florida (north of the border-Dade County that is) ever since. Flying the 727/737/777 over the years, he is now flying the 757 and 767 as Captain, internationally and domestically. Having seen the standard of living through much of Latin America we are truly fortunate here in the United States.

Today, Mark lives in Delray Beach with Carol and enjoys deep water fishing off south Florida and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He still loves to get out to the Rockies for skiing and summer hiking.


From 1975-1990, I was a criminalistics tech. for Sarasota PD, worked as a coordinator for Home Companions, managed a Rite Aid drug store and married and divorced with no kids. In 1990, I married Gene Wagner, bought a house and we both started small businesses - Gene--Fiberglass repair and I had Memories by Miki Photography. In 2002, we both had the same mid-life crisis at the same time. We sold our house, businesses, and most everything we owned except our Mini Schnauzer-Stevie Rae. We paid off our bills, bought a motor home and became snowbirds (or snowflakes in my case) out West. We own less but we do and see more, there’s always a trade off. I waitress seasonally with 2 or 3 months off a year to explore and play. I have not been bored a day since I married Gene, but life is a lot more relaxing now and I have learned to slow down a bit. Have a great reunion! I will try to be at the next one.


“I am looking forward to coming to the reunion. I miss everyone and know it will be so much fun. Love, Candy”.


I had spent 30 years in banking in Manatee County but have recently gone to work for a mortgage company (just in case anybody needs a mortgage). I’ve been married to a wonderful man for the past 17 years and have two beautiful daughters, Rebecca is 15 years old and attends Bayshore High and Laine is 13 years old and attends Lee Middle.

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I am a grocer/entrepreneur by trade and have been since 1972. I’m currently working for Albertsons Supermarkets in Parrish, Florida. I have been happily married for 22 years. Mollie and I don’t have any children but we have two rambunctious cats. We still reside in Bradenton.


”Hi Deb, I was looking at the list of classmates and saw the name, Ronald Saunders. He is deceased for about 10-15 years. He was killed in South Florida by gunshot,” -Robert Walker.


Hi everyone,

I worked for Rip Van Winkle lanes for 25 years after high school. I also had the pro shop at the lanes till they closed the doors.

I have been married for 9 years to my lovely wife Michelle (Boneham), also from Southeast class of 1990, she is my life and my love, I met her at the bowling alley of course. She is a nurse at Manatee Springs. I adopted her 2 daughters Sarah and Cassandra (Cassie). It is amazing being a father, they call me dad and their love is priceless, although they are teenagers now and you know what that means trouble, nothing but trouble, no not really they are both good kids. We have a good youth program at our church and they both have benefited greatly from that experience. I did go to college. I have an Associates degree in Computer Networking Administration and am currently working for U-haul of Western Florida as a Facility Maintenance Tech. I have been with U-haul for 7 years. We have 6 cats and 2 dogs currently and no we don't need any more animals thank you very much. We love them all they are all part of our family. My position at U-haul I currently have is so great I have not worked a weekend in over a year and a half. I have not missed a Sunday at church in over a year and a half. Going to church is one of my high priorities since I was saved in 2004. We go to Solid Rock Family Church, the pastor and his family have been so wonderful to us. It is contemporary worship, God has been so good to me, I have been blessed over and over again. I can't wait to see all my old friends at this reunion see you all there.


Gerald is currently working in Nashville for CVS/Caremark and owns a farm. “My oldest son, Samuel, has been offered an opportunity to attend West Point. His report date is June 30th. My other two children, Daniel and Rebekah, are in the 9th and 5th grade. Yes, it took me a while to figure it out. :) A lot of our classmates have grown and/or have grandchildren. My oldest is 17 and the youngest is 10.”


Mark and I have been married for 14 years. We have two furry children, Zeke, a 14-year-old Lab-wannabe and Elle Mae, a 3-year-old chug (chihuahua/pug). Traveling to pet friendly cabins located near lakes, ponds or rivers is how we relax. We have visited and fished eight states. As a graduate of the University of South Florida, I have enjoyed a variety of successful careers in human resources, accounting and mortgage origination. Since high school I have lived in Bradenton except for seven years spent in Macon, GA working for a national healthcare company.


“I retired from Publix after 15 years to come home and raise my three beautiful girls, but ended up volunteering so much at their elementary school I was offered a job. I continued to work at their school just to be with them and to be involved in everything they were active in. Dance recitals, piano lessons, flute lessons, singing lessons, softball, yearbook, the list goes on. My girls have graduated from high school and are now trying to find their own ways in the world. I am working at Keiser University where my youngest (19) goes to school to become a Massage Therapist, as well as Mary Kay consultant, and Publix employee. My middle daughter (20) works for Publix, as a customer service team leader and my eldest daughter (23) works for an auto auction and Publix.”


Monte Stevenson is living in Indiana. He and his wife Jennifer have two children: Zach-14 and Jake-12. He said he “is doing well and truly blessed.”

“Well, I once burped the alphabet up to ‘w’ after slamming three A&W root beers. Then there was that time I walked almost a half mile to return a shopping cart to Publix - and that was after an exhausting scuffle with this lady who kept saying it was her Cadillac that Elvis gave her after a romp in the Jungle Room back in ‘67. I could go on, but this is starting to make me seem like some kind big-headed ego maniac wierdo...

While Deb is “particularly looking” for nude photos of Dave and me (and she should not be faulted for that), it was never proven that we were the streakers. I heard that it may have been John Quinlan and Rick Babston from the class of ‘74. At any rate, the term “allegedly” should always be used when linking suspects to an incident. It is my hope that this matter with our class president can be settled out of court.


I left Southeast High School and Bradenton when I was 18, never having lived anywhere else, yes I am a native Bradentonian, I arrived in this world at Manatee Memorial Hospital, which was just Manatee Hospital prior to my arrival. Thirty years later (yes at age 48) I moved back to Bradenton to work as a pharmaceutical rep for Bristol-Myers Squibb. During that 30 year gap I attended the University of Florida for four years on an Army ROTC scholarship (no, I did not lose my scholarship due to my shenanigans and resulting 10 day suspension at the end of my senior year, thanks to the heroics of Gizmo, who somehow got me out of the evil clutches of the Dean of Boys and got me safely home that eventful night, and a shout of thanks out to Treux for sharing his bottle of gin with me prior to the spring football game that epic night), graduated with a B.S.B.A. in accounting, spent four years in the Army as an Air Defense Artillery officer at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, and for the past 25 years I have worked as a sales rep for Abbott Laboratories, Criticare Systems, Northgate Technologies, Lanier Worldwide, Xerox Corporation, Andrx Laboratories, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cintas Corporation, and I even owned my own business for 2 years (Special Surgery Resources & Repair). I am currently a sales rep for AmericaOne Merchant Services. I have been married twice, the first time for 19 years, the second time for 5 years, I have two awesome boys, Adam/28 and Todd/25 from my first marriage, I am currently single but I have been living in sin with my wonderful amazing girlfriend Kellie Marx for the past 3 years on the WEST side of Bradenton.


I married in 1975 and moved to Yorkshire, England for almost six years. While in England my two children were born, Christopher (32) and Mandy (29). I was also employed as a “fireman” by the West York’s Fire Service. When I returned to Bradenton in 1981, I worked construction for a short period then started working at Tropicana and stayed for 10 years. In the meanwhile, I had joined the Braden River Fire District as a volunteer in 1984 and became a full-time firefighter in 1992 and I am still employed with East Manatee Fire Rescue. I was remarried in 1992 to Cathy who had three children, Cristin (32), Michael (deceased), and Tricia (28). Together we have 11 grandchildren with #12 on the way. My interests are pretty much the same as they have been for the last 30 something years: hunting, fishing and shooting. I have been a big fan of sporting clays the last several years. I love spending quality time with the grand kids. I am looking forward to spending time at the reunion with three of my other brothers, Bobby Teates, and Steve and Keith Wilson. Looking forward to seeing all of you.


Carmen and her husband Rick have five children and Carmen works at the PACE Center for Girls.

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About me, since graduation I got married in November ‘75. Our first son was born in January ‘77, our second son was born in October ‘79, and our daughter was born in August ‘95. We lived in the same neighborhood until 2003 when we moved to Myakka City. My wife Rose (Page), who graduated in ‘74 from Southeast High and I have been married for 32 years now. We both worked for my parents, who owned Walker Electric, and about 12 years ago they retired and we bought the business from them.


We finally got word to Janet Wheatley. She has worked for Disney for over 30 years and is currently managing all of the Guest Communication for Walt Disney World! Her son Jared is 25 and daughter Jana is 22 and both also work for Disney. Here is the contact info I just received: 12940 Langstaff Drive, Windermere, FL 34786, H-407-876-5633, C-407-443-8243


I still live in Manatee County. We have ten acres. I have been with my husband (Curtis) since high school. He graduated in 1971 from Southeast. We married in 1981. We have two boys, Caleb is 20 years old and a student at MCC and Ryan is 15 and a student at MSA. Curtis has worked for Manatee County for 29 years and I am a homemaker. We also own a home business. We have a jewelry business.

I am currently President of the Myakka River Riders. This is a horse club in Manatee County. (That is why I haven’t volunteered for the reunion) We are a trail riding club. I am also on a horse drill team - Brio. This is a Paso Fino drill team. We are currently State champions. I have three horses and do my own training. I camp, trail ride, ride in parades, & drill with my horses. I am also working with SMART to put together a “Ride-a-thon” fund raiser. April 26th my club is putting on a “Cowboy Challenge” at the Posse arena on Lena Road and I am the chairperson for this event.

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