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Note:  This website doesn't look as good as it once did as a result of

Google moving all websites hosted by them to a new location. 

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Therefore, this site lost some of its features (such as the reunion slideshow )

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Welcome to the alumni website for the

Southeast High School classes of 1975 through 1980!


We had a fantastic reunion weekend on July 18 & 19, 2008.  If you missed it because you couldn’t or didn’t want to attend, you missed a great get-together (and we missed you!).  If you didn’t know about the reunion, we’re very sorry, but we tried our best to track down everybody.  We started our search for alumni almost a year before the event occurred.


If you’re new to the website, be sure and check out the bios and pictures.  There’s also an e-mail address book.  If you’re looking for an old friend, see if they’ve provided their e-mail address so you can get back in touch!  You can also have your bio, picture, and/or e-mail address included as well.  Just send whatever you’re willing to share to Kathy Watson Linn (c/o ’77) at


For those alumni who attended the events, if you have pictures you want to share, be sure and send them in.  Please identify everyone in the picture if you can.


The SoutheastHigh SchoolReunion Committee

1975 - 1980


Deb Gamsky Bell, Class of 1975



Mike Chancey, Class of 1976



Sheila Roberts Veatch, Class of 1977



Jaymie Ninni Carter, Class of 1978


Jay Romine, Class of 1978 



Michael Vaadi, Class of 1979 



Maria Cucci Smith, Class of 1979


David Pincus, Class of 1980

941-812-8820 or 941-748-8691