Welcome to the ultimate support system for Conceptual, Quantitative, and AP Chemistry Students!

All Sehome chemistry classes bond like ionic solids.
This website is designed to provide support so you will succeed in Chemistry!  One really useful part of this site is the curriculum matrix.  This matrix is designed to outline the concepts each type of chemistry student is expected to know and  provide focused support in each content area.  If you find you need help understanding the concept of molarity, for example, the matrix should provide you with a plethora of websites and videos to aid you in developing your understanding. Remember, chemistry is difficult, but if we work together we may achieve total enlightenment!

What to do if you miss class or feel behind:

1.  Contact a friend from class and ask what you missed.
2.  Visit the homework section of the site and see if you can find what you need.
3.  Visit the curriculum matrix and see if the online video support can help you.
4.  Locate the list of tutors in the classroom and contact one.
5.  Look in the textbook.
6.  Find Mr. Toney and test his knowledge of Chemistry.
7.  Come see Hank either before or after school or anchor.  I would love to help you figure it out!