This website has information, handouts, assignments and other resources for students of Sehome High School biology.   In general the materials and information will work for all Sehome Biology classes.  The site is maintained by Shawn Doan.
Links to Oceanography projects that Mr. Doan has been involved with:
University of Washington research vessel Thomas J. Thompson on station over Loihi Seamount.  Loihi is an underwater volcano off the South East coast of the island of Hawaii.  Photo by SDoan.

Sehome Biology

2016 - 2017





Ms. Auld                         Mr. Doan                         Ms. Yaude            

Ms. Reimers                     Ms. Ross                         


Doan’s bio website:  https://sites.google.com/site/sehomebiology20162017/


Why Biology?  Biology is a fun topic that touches all parts of our lives.  Biological concepts help you understand the world around you and yourself.  And, of course, there is the state End of Course Exam.


Units:    1.  Cells - structure and function including biochemistry

               2.  Genetics - from the structure of DNA to chromosomes

               3.  Evolution - resulting from mutation and selection

               4.  Homeostasis of biological systems – structure and function of the body

               5.  Ecology – principles of ecology and introduction to global change


Lab work: Labs occur on block days (Wed. and Thurs.) and occasionally other days.  Lab work illustrates concepts introduced during class.  All work is done in the “Lab Journal”.


Homework:  Is assigned every Monday and collected on the block day (Wed. or Thurs. depending on the schedule).  Late homework is worth ½ credit unless it is for an excused absence.  Homework is always done in one of the journals.


Extensions:  Extra credit assigned Fridays (not every Friday) and collected Mondays.  Extensions allow student to explore biological concepts beyond the classroom curriculum.  No late extensions accepted.


Exams:  There will be a unit exam following every unit.


Grading Scale:  A =          92.00 and up

                              A- =        90.00 – 91.99

                              B+ =       87.00 – 89.99

                              B =         82.00 – 86.99 

                              B- =        80.00 – 81.99

                              C+ =       77.00 – 79.99

                              C =         72.00 – 76.99

                              C- =        70.00 – 71.99

                              D+ =       67.00- 69.99

                              D =         60.00 – 66.99

                              F =          0.00 – 59.99


Please contact us with any concerns:

               Ms. Auld   Susan.Auld@bellinghamschools.org

                              Mr. Doan      Shawn.Doan@bellinghamschools.org                                

                                                            Ms. Reimers        Kristen.Reimers@bellinghamschools.org

                                                                           Ms. Ross   Julie.Ross-Buckmaster@bellinghamschools.org

                                                                                          Ms. Yaude          Jane.Yaude@bellinghamschools.org