Cat Show Brag Page 2007 - 2008

Brown (black) spotted tabby, Glgl
B/O Pam Knowles, Susan Sehn, Laura Ratliff
photo by Tetsu
The adventures of CHEETAHSDEN Jungle Jack
At the age of 8 months, CHEETAHSDEN'S Jungle Jack became an "adult" cat, ready to compete in the Championship class in TICA. I shipped him to Seattle to stay with Kelli Faram, and we arranged for him to go to his first 2 shows in the Northwest Region. In late August, Jack came back to Tucson with points and Finals enough to make him a Grand Champion.
 TICA Judge Yvonne Patrick with Jungle Jack
Still a rangy adolescent, Jack was up against the best bengals in the country at the TICA Annual in Albuquerque. I was THRILLED whe he got an allbreed cat final from French judge Genevieve Basquine. She remarked on his wonderful conformation, especially praising his head. 
We returned home for the Coatimondi show in Tucson, where Jack earned the finals and points needed for his Triple Grand ChampionshipThe real challenge lay ahead: OnSafari, the most prestigious Bengal Congress in the world. Jack, his little brother Polar Ice, and I flew to Toledo, Ohio.
Jack did very well in the three Bengal Congress rings. Bengals from all over the country, and even from Canada and Europe participated in the competition. I was very pleased when Jack placed in the judging rings.
TICA Judge Jeff Roberts and me at On Safari 2008

Jungle Jack - Wins On Safari 2007

!!!   Winner of 2007 On Safari Awards !!!

3rd Best of the Championship Cat Congresses

Breeders' Choice Best Bengal Adult Head
(Tied with Rainforest Seventh Generation)

Breeders Choice Best Bengal Adult

Breeders' Choice Best Bengal Adult Male


Jack also won a free sitting by the famous feline photographer, Tetsu.




Jack returned to the NW Region cat show in the late fall.  At  THE MAINE EVENT, December 8-9, Jack got his BEST CAT final from Lindajean Grillo, against a field of 46 other  cats.  In TICA, one can't earn a Supreme Grand Champion title without a BEST CAT. I wish I'd been there to share the  excitement in the show hall.

While with Kelli in Washington, Jack was tested for HCM, and the results so far are negative. We are very proud of his good heath and well-being, and hopeful that he'll pass these qualities on to MANY offspring in the future.


Siince starting my cattery late in 2001, I have had the great pleasure of working with Pam Knowles, Laura Ratliff  and the members of the "Cheetahsden group. Breeding Bengals is complicated by the genetic mismatch between the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic shorthairs which have contributed to the breed. But as this decade unfolded, exciting developments were noted in Bengals. The establishment  of consistency in rosetting, the development of a more horizontal flow to pattern, and continued development of a breed standard has led to increased consistency of conformation. To no small extent ths development has been due to the yearly Bengal Congresses, "On Safari," held each fall for the past several years. My thanks to Les Hall and Pam Knowles for thier dedication to this educational endeavor, and the bengal congresses which are a highlight of the Bengal year.