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Bengals at Sehnsational Cat Ranch

If images' being stolen were a mark of value, this kitten's having been caught in midair, jumping on my bed would be worth a great deal!!! Welcome to the world of Bengals at Sehnsational Cat Ranch.    This is SEHNSATIONAL Chainlettah as a baby.

photo by  SCSehn






Siince starting my cattery late in 2001, I have had the great pleasure of working with Pam Knowles, Laura Ratliff  and the members of the "Cheetahsden group. Breeding Bengals is complicated by the genetic mismatch between the Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic shorthairs which have contributed to the breed. But as this decade unfolded, exciting developments were noted in Bengals. The establishment  of consistency in rosetting, the development of a more horizontal flow to pattern, and continued development of a breed standard has led to increased consistency of conformation. To no small extent ths development has been due to the yearly Bengal Congresses, "On Safari," held each fall for the past several years. My thanks to Les Hall and Pam Knowles for thier dedication to this educational endeavor, and the bengal congresses which are a highlight of the Bengal year.


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