Honorary Members/Seattle

Instituted 1984, honorary membership recognizes an individual of acknowledged eminence in some branch of engineering or the science related thereto, or an SEAW member in good standing for 25 years or more who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has contributed outstanding service to the Association.

2012     John V. "Jack" Christiansen
2006     James E. Carpenter
             Harvey R. Dodd  
             Victor O. Gray  
             Robert P. St. Germain
2004     Edwin T. Huston
             Tom Kinsman
1998     William T. Mooseker
             Frederick C. Pneuman
1996     William L. Shannon
1994     Donald A. Northey
1993     C. Adrian Arnold
             Thomas A. Kane
 Bill Ward
1991     Robert M. Glick
             Harold K. Roe 
1988     Trygve Bjornstad
             Elmer Gunnette
             Al Mondt
1987     Harry R. Powell
             Harold Worthington
date?    Bruce Olsen
             James A. Palmer