Structural Engineers HALL of FAME

Postings here document and acknowledge the achievements of individuals honored by the Structural Engineers Association of Washington (SEAW) since the 1950 establishment of the organization.
SEAW HONOREES listings by recognition categories:
At left: 
Paul Brallier & Joyce Lem, Engineers of the Year 2019
Engineer of the Year/Seattle 1982-
.. recognizes an SEAW member who has brought positive visibility to the profession, has exhibited technical and creative achievement, has demonstrated commitment to nurturing others in their professional development.
>Young Engineer of the Year 2010-
... recognizes notable early-career achievement and service to SEAW.

>Lifetime Service Award 2002-
... recognizes a member's sustained supportive contribution to SEAW and/or committee service of statewide significance.

>President's Award/Seattle 1988-
... recognizes those who have served SEAW Seattle with distinction during the past year. 

>Honorary Members/Seattle 1993-
... recognizes an individual of acknowledged eminence in some branch of engineering or the science related thereto, or an SEAW member in good standing for 25 years or more who has contributed outstanding service to the Association.
>Life Members/Seattle 1993-
... a member in good standing for a minimum of 20 years who has retired or reached the age of 65.

chosen by their colleagues to advance the profession via SEAW service:
>Presidents/State 1950-
>Presidents/Seattle 1950-
>Presidents/South Central 1995-
>Presidents/Southwest 1965-
>Presidents/Spokane 1953-

... remembering SEAW members at the time of their passing.

During the 50th anniversary celebration of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair, the Structural Engineers Foundation of Washington assembled engineers Dick Chauner, Jack Christiansen, Gary Curtis, Victor Gray, Norm Jacobson, Tom Kane, Bob Mast, Fred Pneuman, and Einar Svensson to record a film documenting their engagement in and observations of creation of the structures defining Seattle as a city of innovation. 
Click to preview the documentary recording

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At left:  Don Northey, Marga Rose Hancock, Howard Burton, Mark D'Amato at January 2012 Hall of Fame Committee meeting