Mark D'Amato

Engineer of the Year 2011, SEAW Seattle President 1998
Born in Ethiopia, J. Mark D’Amato grew up primarily in Costa Rica and the Middle East as his parents pursued international careers.  He undertook Russian language and political science studies at the University of Georgia, then served in the US Army Security Agency as a Russian linguist.  He relocated to Seattle where he received the BSCE from the University of Washington in 1978.

Early in his career he worked with KPFF and Coffman Engineers.  In 1988 he co-founded D’Amato Conversano, Inc. in Bellevue.  Over a quarter-century the firm, as DCI Engineers, grew to employ 130+ employees in six offices located in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas with projects for clients in the commercial, medical, residential, and industrial sectors.  Mark’s expertise lies in the renovation of buildings and the design of steel-framed and post-tensioned concrete high-rise construction.
Seismic retrofit became a special interest for Mark after he assisted with building damage inspections in San Francisco's Marina District following the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989.  His special interests also include the design of brick and structural glass cladding systems. Among his projects: the 24-story Washington Square Condominium Towers and the 989 Elements Buildings in Bellevue.

Mark’s association with SEAW began in 1979.  In 1990-91 he served on the SEAW Seattle Board, and in 1997 his colleagues elected him to the office of President.  He helped establish and lead the Structural Engineers
Foundation of Washington as a founding board member, and co-chaired the WABO-SEAW Liaison Committee, among other organization activities.  He played a key role in the development and production of the documentary film "Structural Engineers of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair," which premiered in May 2013.


His commitment to civic engagement placed Mark on the Board of the Bellevue Downtown Association, in 2011 executive leadership. Mark has supported fund-raising activities for Child Haven and Provail, a multi-agency organization dedicated to supporting people with disabilities.

In 2017, Puget Sound Engineering Council honored Mark D'Amato with its Professional Engineer of the Year award.

Posted February 2012, updated May 2013 & February 2017