Mosaic Potash Carlsbad Mine: 2009

Mosaic's Potash facility in Carlsbad operates one of the largest underground mines in the United States.  Here, two separate potassium minerals are mined: sylvite and langbeinite.

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Field trip participants:

Matthew Earthman 

MS Student, Geochemistry

Thesis Topic: Stable Isotope and Fluid Inclusion Study of the Southwest Fresnillo Silver District, Mexico

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Sara Drueckhammer 

MS Student, Geology

Thesis Topic: Geology and Geochemistry of Copper Flat Porphyry Copper Deposit, Hillsboro, New Mexico

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Heather Casey 

MS Student, Geology

Thesis topic:

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Shari Houston

MS Student. Geology

Thesis topic: Porphyry Cu-Mo deposit in Superior, AZ; Mineralization, emplacement, and petrogenesis

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TreVor Howald

MS Student, Geology

Thesis topic: Characterization of a large sinter deposit near Beowawe, Nevada.

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Carlos A. Vargas

Mineral Engineering, specialization in Mineral Exploration

Thesis topic: Structural geology, paragenesis, breccias stages, and volcanic stratigraphy in Animas Vein, Caylloma Mine, Southern Peru.

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Charles Uzziah

B.S. Mining Engineering


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