About Us

The purpose of the New Mexico Tech Student Chapter of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) is to promote the knowledge of geology and its application to mineral exploration, mining, and related industries; to promote professionalism as it relates to the field of geology; and provide a means of contact with the economic geology community at large. 
Key Activities
1. Monthly dinner meetings. During the meetings we discuss trips as well as upcoming speakers.
2. We do one year field trip to international and/or local mines and mining districts in which we discuss the geology and the characteristics the ore deposit.
3. We organization monthly meetings as dinner gatherings  with people involve in economic geology, exploration, and/or mining business.

Past Speakers
 Mike Ward
 Phil Buck
 Ralph Gonzales and Micky Fulp

Past Field Trips and Activities
Bingham District, New Mexico
Lordsburg, NM
Chile Field Course
Magnetometer Survey

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