Game Project 1 - Segfault

Hi folks ! 

This is the website dedicated to the project Segfault. Segfault is student game project made with Unity3D where you play as a bit trying to escape a program invaded by memory corruption. We are currently thinking about making the game for mobile phone.

You are a bit living in a peaceful program until someday the program starts to be corrupted. You have to run for your life and avoid being carried away by the increasing corruption.

The character you control never stops running on a line with obstacles on it. You can only make your character make the line you run on do a rotation to avoid obstacles. Make the path rotate costs you energy that you get back little by little each seconds.

There will also be special squares that forces you to turn the main line or to jump. You can use them at your advantage or be trapped by them is you don't pay attention.

Another square, called SF (for Segfault) makes the player lose energy little by little and increases the coast of energy for the next actions he will make until a certain amount is reached.

To balance those traps, a sphere bonus can be obtained on the level. It cancels the Segfault effects, refills the energy bar and increases your energy recovering rate.

A Plus or Minus can be obtained too. The Plus increases the energy recovering rate and speeds the bit, whereas the Minus decreases your energy recovering rate and slows the bit.

You can also find a shield that protects you against traps for a limited amount of time.

You can see below our main inspirations for the game


Tron the Disney movie from 1982. It became a cult movie thanks to its avant-garde design and early tought about computer and video games.

RagDoll Run

Ragdoll Run is a funny runner game on Windows Phone. Its gameplay inspired us to make a runner with a depth notion.