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Top Players (Overall) (?)

1. pcwzrd13 (1,310)
2. DCUltrapro (490)
3. Alec1382 (490)

Current Rankings

1. pcwzrd13 - 20,210

2. segata sanshiro - 19,360

3. jjmcnasty - 17,310

Sonic Adventure 2

Goal: Get the most points in City Escape.


Mode: 1P Play
Stage: City Escape

Game Settings:


Achievements for this competition:

The Hedge Honcho - Win a Sonic Adventure 2 competition
Ringmaster - Collect 350 rings or more
Blue Blur - Get a time of 3:00 or less
All about the points! - Get a score of 20,000 or more

How to Enter:

If you would like to enter, please submit the following information on this post or email to dreamcastlivecomp@gmail.com.

1. Dreamcast-Talk, Twitter, or YouTube username
(Not a member of any of those? Sign up for DC-Talk here.)

2. Screenshot or video of your score.

If you don't have a player profile page:
1. Your top 3 Dreamcast games.
2. A link to your Dreamcast collection. (Optional)
3. An avatar you would like to use.