Monthly Driving Schedule

Volunteers sign up here for driving shifts throughout the year. Interns consult this page to identify who has already volunteered so that they do not have to hunt down a driver.

Volunteer Drivers are urged to sign up for one shift per month. You may or may not get called, but by signing up on the Monthly Driving Schedule, you are giving the interns permission to contact you in the event they need a ride during that time slot. Click >> here << to open the spreadsheet in a new window allowing you to enter your name in your selected shift. Space is provided on the Volunteer Driver list (see tab above) for all of your contact info as well as information about the number of passengers you can carry.

Please know that it is acceptable to change shifts as your personal calendar fills up. Of course, it is preferable that you don't cancel at the last moment but do not hesitate to sign up now and make adjustments, if necessary. Also, it is OK to modify your availability when entering your name on the Monthly Driving Schedule [e.g. "Sally Sunshine (not available until 6:30 pm)"].