Volvos at "Princes Hamburgers"(r)

Bring the family to come see cars we've restored and worked on!

We frequently attend, but not always, a little car show
that can generally be found on Saturday nights in the parking lot at the Prince's Hamburgers the address of which is shown below.  When we attend we typically have either our 164, a p1800 or other classic car we have built or are working on.
Rolf has also worked on several of the cars that are
shown with some regularity.

The "Car Show" starts in the evening, 6 pm or so, at:

10455 Briar Forest Drive, Houston TX 77042.

The Prince's is one block west of Beltway 8. 

Below are three cars you may see there, the 164 is proudly owned by our shop, the Firebird is one we work on and the p1800 was restored by Rolf for a close friend of the shop "J.A."

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