Houston Volvo Repair

We Are The Houston-Area Volvo Experts - Run by a Former Volvo Factory Engineer!

If you have a Volvo car that needs work - from a classic Volvo up to the latest models - then we believe we are your best option. We repair, restore and rebuild all Volvos. Rolf has had customers bring him cars from Mexico City and all over the United States. If you are in Houston Texas, or in North America, we believe no other shop has as much knowledge or experience with Volvo cars.  We can say this because Rolf grew up with Volvo in his blood (his Dad worked at Volvo on the truck line).

Bring us your Volvo and we will fix it right, the first time, guaranteed.

If you have a special Volvo job (restoration job, race car to build, etc.) then come on by, or give us a call to discuss the project.

If it's a Volvo we can do it better than anyone else.

We use the Sefeldt name with acknowledgement from Bjorn Sefeldt, son of Nils Sefeldt, a prominent early Volvo dealership owner in Houston, Texas. Nils Sefeldt Volvo was one of the first Volvo dealerships in the United States.

Rolf Larsson worked as an engineer at Volvo Factory in Sweden.  His father also worked for Volvo, starting before 1930.  Sefeldt Volvo Auto Sales & Repair is built on decades and decades of experience working on Volvos of all types.

If you need your car transported to our shop then call us and we can help you arrange it.  If necessary we may be able to transport the car on our own truck (this might be cheaper).  

We are looking forward to restoring a Jakobs like the one above.

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The above 164 is owned by the shop and frequently showed at the Prince's Hamburgers(tm) on Saturday nights.

Have an 850?  Need that A/C looked at?  We are expert with 850 A/C!