Houston Transmission Repair

 Have you been told "You need a new transmission"?

Why you should talk to us before that expensive repair: We do transmission work right, the first time.
Transmission Repair By An Engineer

Many shops say, "you need a new transmission"when you really don't! 

We tell you what's actually going on so you can make the best decision.  We've repaired or rebuilt many many transmissions that other shops wouldn't even open.

Certain makes of car are prone to bad seals in the transmission. Sometimes all that needs to be done is to replace the bad seals. You might also be told you need a new transmission even though you only have a bad sending unit in the dash - simply replacing the sending unit will fix the car and save you many hundreds of dollars over repair. Another job that most shops avoid is replacing the splines in the transmission. Replacing splines isn't super cheap, but it's still hundreds of dollars cheaper than a new transmission.

At Sefeldt Auto we know how to do these types of repairs - we know how to save you money.

Knowing your transmission has been properly serviced and is in good operating condition is very reassuring.  Bring in your car and you can drive out with the knowledge your car was repaired right.

Commercial Accounts

We have existing commercial accounts; we want to take on more.  Bring your transmission work to a shop run by engineers.

Chevrolet Electronic transmission problems? We can rebuild for far less than what it will cost to buy new!

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