The Volvo P1800 - Is Any Volvo More Classic?

Expertise Beginning in the Early Days of Manufacture of this Classic Volvo Car

Always wanted a P1800? We are a world-leading authority on the P1800.

We frequently show this red p1800 at Prince's Hamburgers on Saturday nights.

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Recently we have added another page which shows more of our work on p1800s.

Just at the end of August (2008), we had a customer track us down who has been waiting 12 years to find a shop that can work on his p1800.  We were happy to take on the job, so we asked "where's your car?"  Turns out, the gentleman has not bought it yet because he didn't have anyone who could work on one. We went out with him to give our opinion about a couple of P1800s he was evaluating for purchase.

Our experience with the P1800 is unmatched.  "It all started when I hand-built a P1800 for the wife of Gunnar Engellau. I had to special build it - just customized it." (Rolf Larsson).  Starting from experiences like the one with this car, the chassis and parts for which Rolf hand-picked off the assembly line, comes our unparalleled knowledge of the P1800 platform.

Of P1800s, Rolf says, "I restored, and these were frame-up restorations with a chassis blasted down to bare metal, probably 10 wagons, 4 or 5 coupes and repaired or fixed hundreds of them. After many years of rebuilding and restoring these cars we now consider ourselves the leading authority in the world."

"Making a car look good for a year or two is pretty easy - but we have cars that are 14, 15 years old and they still look like brand new [Ed. note: the red p1800 to the right and elsewhere on this site was restored over 10 years ago]. And that is hard to do. Knowing what you're doing when you paint the car is the difference. It is important that you paint them right, too. It has to be many years later they look pretty, too." - Rolf Larsson

The following link will open a picture in a new page.  The picture is a public-domain photo of a p1800.  It is 3.1MB in size.
White 1969 Volvo P1800.

We also do lots of partial restorations to keep our customer's beloved P1800s running strong.  Below is a crate B20 that went into a customer's p1800 (finished early '09).

Here is the motor going into the car (you can find pictures of this green P1800 elsewhere on this site).

We also did brake work on this car.

The car is since back with the owner.

The following link (opens in a new windows) is to video footage from an early 1960s car show featuring the P1800.  I am not sure if this was the first time the car was revealed or not.
p1800 at 1960 car show

We have a client, an international collector, who has asked us to gather a number of p1800s together and prepare them for shipping to Europe.  Here are the cars which Rolf gathered together in late November (2008) for our client.  We won't be working on these cars (except to make it possible to roll them around), but it's always fun to be around p1800s no matter their condition.  We'll be gathering together more cars for this customer, so check back for more.

The above blue p1800 was a restoration job that Rolf did in the early 1990s.  It featured: a hot-rod engine (Volvo "B22" - a B20, bored a 1/4" with IPD's "big bore kit"); a Volvo 164 transmission and driveshaft; a limited-slip rear end.  This car was built, with a special interior, to a total cost of approximately $45,000.

Another p1800 job, this one not so long ago: installing the engine in the green p1800 car you see in this little video clip (file size approx. 6 MB).  The link opens in a different window.
P1800 being dropped off for an engine swap at Sefeldt Volvo - Rolf's Restoration.

Here's the engine that needs replacement.

What's wrong with it, you say?  Look at the next shot, you may see a problem.

The B20 block below is going into the car in place of the one with the blown rod. You can see the newly installed engine in the main column to the left.

Want a P1800 fully restored, or built to your own specification?

Do you want us to build one for you?  We can evaluate a car you find for its restoration potential, or we can help you find one.

We can make a non-running p1800 a runner, if you want to enjoy a car for daily driving.  

If you want a Concourse-level restoration we have a chassis set aside for a special job (it is a very desirable chassis number)!

Get your P1800 restoration done by Rolf's Restoration, a division of Sefeldt Automotive.

We took the engine out of the blue p1800 below.  We hope to restore this car soon.  Call us if you want this car.

Though it may be hard to make out on a computer screen, the above p1800 is actually an orange one (not the red p1800 seen elsewhere on this site).  We worked on this car for a customer recently.