The Volvo 164

A Classic Volvo Luxury Car from the early 1970s

If you have a 164, or other vintage Volvo, that needs restoration 

we have the experience to do the job right.

In early Fall 2008 we bought the beautiful 1970 Volvo 164 you see below.  It is truly a wonderful find and we are thrilled to have it.  This car needs nothing and we will be showing and driving it as is.  It turns out the seller is an old friend of Rolf Larsson's, Mr. D. Thibault!  We didn't know this until we'd won the auction.  It was great to reconnect with him.

What's it like to drive, you say?  "There's no reason to hurry.  The car just wants to go out and let you enjoy the ride."  It's smooth and the driving itself is a true pleasure.  They don't make cars like this anymore.

The 164 is one of our favorite cars of all time.  The engine is wonderful stock, and also has great potential for increased power.  (Recently we have put this car up on ebay, but with a reserve price).

Look for this car and the red P1800 

at Prince's Hamburgers on Saturday nights!

The Volvo 164 shipped with a straight 6.  The later 260 shipped with a V-6 engine.  If you have a "240 V-6" engine that needs work (or that you want to sell to us), please call us.

Here's the shop truck bringing the 164 on its way to the shop.

Cars We Have to Restore

We have a 122 and an Amazon (wagon) chassis waiting for restoration.  We also have a 1980 242 GT that we could turn into a pristine example of this rare car.  Interested in a 780?  We have one.  Contact us if you want to build your dream Volvo!

Above are some other 164s that Rolf worked on.