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Sefeldt Automotive

Repairing, Rebuilding & Restoring Cars and Trucks in Spring Branch, Houston

海外または日本からのお問い合わせ - アメリカからクラシックカー輸入しませんか?

Our site is constantly subject to improvement.  Here you will find links to all our separate pages.

Air Conditioning (エアコン) - We have long experience with a/c, from back before it was a standard option.  We can retrofit a/c into cars that didn't come with it from the factory, or switch you from R12 over to R134a (and have your a/c blow colder than ever).

Alternative Fuels - "Sefeldt Automotive Alternative Fuels" is a division of Sefeldt Automotive that is focussed on the installation of propane-powered engines into cars and trucks.  We also install propane injection (as well as "bleed-in") systems into diesel engines of all sizes.

Automotive Restoration (ロルフのレスとレーション) - Rolf's Restoration is a division of Sefeldt Automotive. Rolf has been working on cars since he was a teenager in Sweden. Both he and his father worked for Volvo factory.

Cars Offered For Sale (車を売ります) - We generally have a handful of fine cars for sale.  This page has pictures and brief descriptions of the cars available now.

Classic Car Repair (クラシックカー) - Rolf's Restoration's fine work is showcased here again.  We work on old Jaguars (E-types and others), Bentleys, Firebirds and classic Volvos regularly.  We also have extensive experience with very unusual cars like Dyna Panhards, Volvo limousines, etc., etc.

Contact Sefeldt Automotive (お問い合わせ) - includes address and map.

Diesel Repair (ディーゼル) - Rolf drove big-rigs for many years both in Europe and the USA. He kept his truck on the road over 1 million miles. He can keep your diesel running strong.

Employment at Sefeldt Automotive

Engines (エンジン) - We repair, rebuild, and restore engines. We have built race engines, street performance engines, big-block V8s in classic muscle cars, etc. Additionally, we are a ROUSH Performance Products Dealer and offer their fine line of performance products for Mustangs and Ford F-150s.

European Car Repair (ヨーロピアン車の修理) - Rolf Larsson has been working on cars since he was a teenager in Sweden in the 1960's.

Firebird Restoration - We are currently (late summer - early Fall 09) restoring a Firebird that the owner has had sitting since the early 1980s. A fun and exciting project - this is the 2nd car we have restored for the owner.

Flood Damaged Cars - Our thoughts on dealing with flood-damaged, or cars claimed to be flood damaged, which may or may not have been "totaled" by your insurance company.

Fun Pictures (楽しい写真) - Here we have some pictures from Rolf's photo albums.  Some date back to before he was born.  This includes pictures of his old cars and some unusual projects he worked on.

Guaranteed Carburetor Work - These days many people don't know how carburetors really work (if many people ever did). We are experts at carburetors! Rolf raced carbureted cars and learned about them from a NASCAR tuner.

Houston Mercedes Repair (ヒューストンでメルセデス修理) - Rolf and Klaus have long experience working on Mercedes cars.  Klaus had a shop that specialized in Mercedes repair, and both of them grew up in Europe and cut their teeth on European cars.

Lowering Your Monthly Car Payments - The real cost of car payments ... higher than you may be aware.

Muscle Cars (アメ車マッスルカー) - Not so long ago Rolf was restoring a classic Firebird.  We know these old American classics and have specific knowledge on tricky aspects of restoration work (like hanging that chrome nose on the Firebirds).

October 2008 amazon wagon auction (去年オークションに出したボルボ122アマゾンについて) - A page about our Fall 2008 Amazon 220 wagon restoration auction.

P1800 Restored by Rolf (ロルフがリストアしたボルボP1800) - An example of Rolf's restoration work - this is "J.A.'s" P1800 which Rolf restored over a decade ago.

Propane Injection and Diesel Engines (プロパンインジェクションとディーゼルエンジン) - We install and service propane injection systems for turbocharged diesel engines.  Propane injection in these engines increases engine life, improves fuel economy, reduces exhaust emissions and increases power.

Rare, Unusual & Unique Vehicle Repairs (レアーまたはユニークな車の修理) - We believe we can fix any car and we love challenges: Volvo Sugge? Trabant? Old British Roadster? Bring it on!

Rolf's Restoration of p1800s - This page was added to highlight some more of our ongoing work on Volvo p1800s.

ROUSH Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350 Propane Conversion (ラウシュフォードF-150, F-250 & F-350 プロパンインジェクション) - We are an "Authorized ROUSH Propane Distributor."  We are fully qualified in installing ROUSH's incredible liquid propane conversion kit for the Ford pickup trucks.

ROUSH Performance (ラウシュパーフォマンス) - We are an Authorized ROUSH Performance Parts Dealer.  We install, service and sell ROUSH performance parts for Mustangs and F-150 trucks, such as ROUSHchargers, and the rest of the ROUSH Performance Catalog.

Sefeldt Automotive (トップページ) - Our home page.

Street Performance (ストリートパーフォマンス) - Street performance is an area filled with myths.  This page highlights some of our thinking about these myths.  We are (slowly) building a 400+ hp Volvo 4-cylinder, and this page will be updated as we go.

Transmission Repair (ミッション) - Most shops say, "you need a new transmission" because they don't know how to actually repair the transmission. We fix many many transmissions that other shops just throw away.  Repair often costs hundreds less than replacement.

Volvo Repair (我が社の専門ボルボ) - Rolf has Volvo in his blood.  His Dad worked on the Volvo Factory line (trucks).  Rolf himself worked in Volvo Factory as a roving, troubleshooting engineer.  He knows Volvo like an engineer - an engineer that is also a mechanic.

The Volvo 122 (ボルボ122アマゾン) - A wonderful iconic car. We have two chassis available waiting for restoration project sponsors.

The Volvo 164 (ボルボ164) - We own a wonderful Volvo 164 that we frequently show at the "Prince's Hamburgers" Car Show.  These cars have a great straight-6 engine.

The Volvo P1800 and P1800ES (ボルボP1800とP1800ES) - Rolf has restored over 10 of these cars, some to concourse-level.

Volvos at "Princes Hamburgers"(r) (近所のカーショー) - A weekly car show which frequently has several cars we have worked on.


海外からのお問い合わせ - 憧れのあのボルボP1800、アメリカの専門家から買いませんか。円高の今頃は特にいいタイミングです。お問い合わせを待っております。jmvp[atto]poddedcell [dotto]netにてお気軽にどうぞ。

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The above Volvo s40 we rebuilt after a front-end collision.  It only had 1405 miles on it.  It has been sold.