Fun Pictures

These pictures are from Rolf's collection of pictures from over the years - we hope you enjoy them.  We'll add more as we get them organized.

Proof that Rolf learned to drive at a very early age!  Taken in 1957.

Further proof of Rolf's early motorcycle racing experience!  This was in the late 1940s.

Here is Rolf's father, Carl Larsson, outside the Volvo Truck Assembly Line, taken around 1937.  Carl Larsson is the gentleman in the center with his hand on his hip.

Here's a couple pictures of Rolf flat-track racing a motorcycle back in 1974. 

Rolf was featured in a car restoration magazine for being the only person at the time who had ever restored two Marcos cars.  Here's one of the two he restored, photographed at his shop back then.  This was in 1977 or 1978.

In 1971, Rolf bought this 145, the first car he bought in America.

Here's two 164s that Rolf had at his shop in the early 1990s.

These pictures might actually be as sad as they are fun - pictures of Rolf's previous shop before he had to move.  Unfortunately most of these cars could not come with him.

Videos and other Fun Stuff

If you feel like doing some "globetrotting" and seeing some older volvos in Seattle check out this screen (click on the "street view" button).

This video is apparently (I can't read it), to announce or commemorate the return to the road of the actual car that was used in the original "The Saint" TV series that did so much to popularize the P1800 (and Roger Moore).

Here's how to go to a car show:

This was Rolf's setup at an older shop.  The big ugly thing on the back is a Volvo Sugge.  It's a Swedish military vehicle, running a B18, that was built on the Volvo taxi chassis (there's another picture of a Sugge on this site, but that picture is from wikipedia.  The picture above is Rolf's).  The interior of these old Volvo taxis is enormous and made for a great command vehicle in the military.  Plus, as we know, the B18 is a very rugged engine.

Here is a link to a number of pictures of a gathering of gorgeous p1800s in Scandinavia.

Here we find a neat video of a p1800 that someone made with their new camera. (We just like this, we didn't make it, nor do we know who did.)

The 145 "Jeep"

Back around 1983 Rolf took a stock 145 and decided to raise it up for offroading fun.

He flipped a component over and welded it back into the suspension himself, only using stock component parts to achieve this lifting.  To get the rims on he had to redrill them, so they'd fit ("no rims to buy for Volvo because of the strange lug pattern").  So what you're looking at is a stock 145 with big tires and a raised body, that's it.  It's running the standard volvo B20 4-cylinder motor (2 liters).  

Of the 145, "It'd climb just about anything." It was "frickin' awesome out there [driving that 145]."

All pictures this page are (c) Rolf Larsson.

 Above are pictures of the shop at Nils Sefeldt Volvo, on Katy Freeway in Houston, where Rolf worked at the time, in 1973 not so long after it opened.  We get our name from this shop.

This picture is of Rolf with a friend of his, an engineer from Volvo Factory, Rune Odstrom.  Rune visited Houston "constantly."  Rune and Rolf are here discussing one of Rolf's cars (this was taken in Rolf's shop at the time).

This is at the same shop - this was in 1987.

A Volvo Duet that Rolf imported from Sweden. We have since bought the one you see below and are going to rebuild it to the above condition.

The big engine in the foreground is a two-stroke Detroit Diesel V8 (500 HP) that we're readying to put into an amazing RV, a BlueBird Wonderlodge.

Lots of the hardest work has already been done on this Duett - now we need to find the time to finish it.

Above is a Saab Sonnet that was at one of Rolf's old shops.  These cars weigh approximately 800 pounds and run a Ford-based V-4 (!) engine.  Parts for them can be bought at Advance Auto (it's a "domestic" car).

The above 145 (140-series wagon) was raised by Rolf for off-roading fun back in the 1970s.  Here's another set of pictures of that car.  Rolf described it, laughingly, as "one-wheel drive" - was that because of the rear diff, Rolf?

Above is a Ford Anglia and below that a Morris Minor.  The Morris Minor is being driven by Rolf's uncle.  The Ford Anglia was owned by the guy who bought the first car that Rolf restored (a VW beetle).