Rolf Restores Volvo P1800s

Some of our recent work on these classics

This car is from a customer that has been bringing her p1800 to Rolf for over 30 years.  It has become time to refresh the car.  We are doing a paint job and restoring the interior.

(The engine you see in the right column is from this car.)

The customer recently came in, saw our progress and said, very happily, "I can't believe that's my car!"  We look forward to the smile on her face when she sees the job finished.

It's great having this car back - seeing it come in and then go out transformed is a wonderful feeling.

We have two p1800 chassis right now that are "standing by" waiting for a customer.  One is a very desirable chassis number which we have set aside for a councourse-quality restoration job.  The other car we will restore to customer specifications (from quality runner, up to concourse-quality or customization as desired).