Rare, Unusual & Unique Vehicle Repairs

Repair for the Unusual Vehicle of Any Vintage

We welcome, and enjoy, repairing, rebuilding, and restoring old, rare, unusual and unique vehicles. This includes alternative fuel vehicles that have been converted or that you seek to convert.  We have extensive experience with unusual vehicles and powertrains, including things like European Fords, French cars, etc.

  • Have a Volvo limousine?
  • Rolls-Royce Flathead V12 engine just not running right? (You know, the one you got out of a firetruck) We can get those carbs sorted out.
  • Mercedes 600 that your dealer insists was never made by Mercedes-Benz?
  • Panhard Dyna?
  • TR3, TR4, TR6?
  • Jakobs? Panther? Morgan? Gordon Keeble?
  • Pinzgauer? UniMog?
  • Old Aston Martin?

We will happily work on your vehicle, especially if no one else will!

Image above: Volvo Sugge (military vehicle). Contact us if you are looking for one, we know how to get them. Interestingly, these were built on top of the Volvo 831 Trafikvagn (the Volvo taxi!). The cars are huge inside. They come up on Ebay occasionally.

Here is one on Rolf's lot, a picture taken some years ago now.

These Volvo limousines are really neat, unusual vehicles. This particular car was worked on by Rolf many years ago, and now needs some breathing on again. If you bought this limo when it was last on ebay (to our knowledge that was 10/26/08) - then give us a call.

We are also available for consulting on your unusual vehicle project.

1959 Panhard Dyna

Images on this page from Wikipedia entries for Volvo Sugge & Panhard Dyna.  The Aston Martin picture is (c) Sefeldt Automotive.

Rolf has worked on Panhard Dynas, as well as on many now-obscure vehicles (old Citroens, Renaults, etc.).