P1800 Restored by Rolf

The Red Car Is Frequently Displayed at Prince's Hamburgers*, Saturday Nights, Houston

We have recently put up a new page highlighting some of our ongoing work on p1800s.

Is there any Volvo more classic than the p1800?

The red Volvo P1800 in pictures below was restored by Rolf Larsson, of Rolf's Restoration, a division of Sefeldt Volvo Auto Sales and Repair, Houston Texas. Rolf is an expert at Volvo restoration. He also has long experience restoring other Swedish, and also British, cars.

Volvo P1800 restored by Rolf Larsson, Rolf's Restoration, of Sefeldt Volvo Auto Sales and Repair, Houston Texas

Below is Rolf's trailer with a Volvo Sugge and two p1800s that he restored (picture taken in the late 90s).  All three vehicles were being taken to the show seen at the bottom.

The blue 1800 you can see in some of these pictures is is a restoration we are seeking a sponsor-buyer for. Do you want an 1800 like the red one? Call us and we'll start building your dream 1800 today.

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The above p1800 was a special restoration job Rolf did in the early 1990s.  The car featured various performance-oriented modifications from stock.

We show the red car, and our 164, frequently, at Prince's Hamburgers on Saturday nights. See the link in the footer for directions and more information.

*Prince's Hamburgers is 1 block West of Beltway 8 off Richmond Avenue. Many other fine and classic cars are on display there, too, from 6 - 9 pm Saturday nights. Come on out!