This chassis was offered up as an auction on ebay for a complete restoration job

More pictures we took at the time of the auction can now be seen here - see the right column.

(The copy below is mostly from the auction linked to above)

Basic Description

These pages were put up when we set up an auction for a complete, top-notch restoration of a virtually rust-free Amazon "122 wagon" (220) chassis. (Concourse-level restoration also available). We have kept this beautiful yellow "Amazon wagon" for around 20 years, and it has been stored inside most of that time. We can build it to your specification if you desire concourse-grade, otherwise this will be a near-factory-level restoration.

About the Restorer - Rolf Larsson

Rolf B. Larsson will be handling this restoration. Rolf has worked on Volvos all his life. Rolf has Volvo in his blood: His father worked on the Volvo truck assembly line in the 1930s (there's a picture of him on the Volvo truck line on our Fun Pictures Page). Rolf has lived in Houston since the 1970s - before that he worked at Volvo factory as a troubleshooting, roving engineer. His first "restoration" project was to hand-build a p1800 chassis he selected off the assembly line for the wife of a senior manager at Volvo. Arguably there is no greater expert in the world on Volvos of this vintage than Rolf.

A New-Old Stock Interior

This wagon will come with an extremely rare original green interior. The interior is "new old-stock" - never installed in a car. We had it made for us in 1990. It looks great!

Engine & Transmission

Engine: We will install the original B18 engine that shipped with this car, completely overhauled and restored.
Transmission: We will be installing an overdrive transmission attached to an original 4-speed manual. This transmission was *not* an available option in 1967, but it will be invisible to all but a person who can get under the car and knows what to look for. This will be the only modification from stock. We are using a stock shifter and the switch for the overdrive will be unobtrusive. The reason we intend to fit the overdrive is because these cars do feel like they're short a gear if you stick with the stock manual transmission. This will lower the rpm when you run on the freeways. Obviously if you retain us for a concourse-quality restoration we will not fit the overdrive unit (we will use a stock 4-speed transmission). All parts will be supplied by us - many of the hardest to find we already have.

The Chassis (chassis# 36250)

Yellow amazon wagons are typically the least rusted examples of the car to be found today. This car has only ever had a tiny, tiny rust spot near the right headlight (due to a rock chip). Otherwise this chassis is rustfree, there is not even surface rust on it. It has been a Texas car all its life to the best of our knowledge. We have had the car for over 20 years, and it has been garaged much of this time.

Further Notes (from the auction text)

We will not sell this chassis for you to restore or to take elsewhere for restoration. This is an auction of our services to restore this wagon. Also, we will not modify this particular chassis. We have a blue Amazon chassis that we will happily modify to your specifications, which can be seen here: The Volvo 122. This yellow Amazon is too good for anything but a first-grade restoration job. It would be a shame, frankly, to modify this car when we can create a high-quality restoration relatively easily. If you want something exotic (a modern or high-power engine, special suspension work, unusual paintjob, etc.), then the blue chassis we have would be a better choice, and we will happily consult with you to create your dream, custom Amazon wagon using that chassis. This yellow one, however, we are reserving for restoration.

An Example of Rolf's Restoration work is the red p1800 found on this site (here: P1800 Restored by Rolf and elsewhere). Rolf has restored many British and Swedish cars: Jaguar E-Types, Austin-Healeys, Volvo p1800s (wagons and coupes) and Volvo 122s. (He has also restored domestic muscle cars.)

We love the Amazon wagon and the 122 coupe. These are wonderful cars that really demonstrate the design of the age, yet retain a timeless charm. If you've seen one in the two-tone beige and green you'll never forget it - it's a car that appeals to almost everybody that sees it. If you want us to evaluate a chassis that you have, or are considering purchasing, please call us and we'll do what we can to help you with your decision. We have assisted people in locating and choosing chassis to rebuild before. We are happy to assist with your restoration project in different ways - feel free to call us - or just drop on by, you are always welcome!

This auction ended 10/26/08.

The auction is over, but we will keep this page up.  Call us if you want a car like this.

Thank you everyone for your interest! We fielded many questions and made some new friends.

Here is the block that comes with the car:

Here is part of the new-old stock interior that comes with the car.

The lack of rust on this car is truly spectacular, look at this engine bay!