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Rolf Larsson - European Engineers repairing European Cars

Rolf Larsson

Rolf Larsson is a former Volvo factory engineer from Sweden.  He was brought up in Sweden in the 1950s, a time when Swedish roads featured cars from all over the world.  "Back in the 1950s everyone bought American cars, in the 1960s Swedes bought German, British and even French cars; but back then Fords for instance were American, German and British Fords, so we know them old cars, 'domestic' and 'foreign'."  Rolf started working on cars in his teens - his first car was a Citroen.  His father worked at Volvo factory in the 1930s on the truck line.  Rolf came to Houston in the early 1970s and has been working on cars here ever since.  During that time he built and raced race cars and motorcycles, as well as conducting many restorations, including of trophy-winning cars.

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