Guaranteed Carburetor Repairs

Tutored by a NASCAR tuner - Experience with Carburetors since they were Standard

We know carburetors.  And we know Muscle Cars and the other cars that use them.  In fact, we can tune carburetors so that, as long as you do not touch them, they will run farther than you expect with needing tuning - lots further.

These days carburetors have a reputation as "voodoo" or "a black art."  Not many people really know how they work anymore.  A properly adjusted carburetor can make your old classic car feel like new.  You could get improved fuel economy, while polluting less and making more power at the same time.

Rolf was tutored in the intricacies of carburetors by a guy who did only one thing: tune carbs for NASCAR.  Rolf walked into this legend's shop, with his own Holly under his arm, to talk with the man.  The legend peered into the carb for a quick second and said, "follow me."  They walked through the shop and out the back door.  There Rolf was told, "Throw your carburetor on that pile."  Caruburetors were piled up like a mountain.  They talked about carburetors for a long time after that, "It was a revelation," says Rolf.

Rolf has had customers bring him cars for tuneups and after picking the car up they would come right back and say, "It drives better than it did when it was new!"  Bring us your old classic and we'll get those carbs working right, maybe for the first time.

Got an old Volvo with SU Carbs on it?  We can make mad power with that setup.

We Are Experts with all Carburetors!  Got an old Rolls-Royce?  We can get it running as good as new.

At least one of our loyal customers has been coming to us for years because no one else could get his carbureted car to run right.  It was a Volvo.  We fixed his severe vapor-lock problems in five minutes (and he had tried everything and everybody).