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We Now Offer Installation and Sales of the ROUSH F-150 Propane Conversion Kit.

ROUSH has also recently released late-model F-250 and F-350 SuperDuty Conversion Kits.

We can install all of these.

We Are the Only Shop in Houston Certified to Install This Product.

We are an "Authorized ROUSH Propane Distributor."

We Are Available to Consult on Your Fleet Conversion.

Rolf Larsson attended the First Annual Propane Engine Fuel Summit

in Detroit, MI, November 12-14, 2008. They also toured the ROUSH factory.

Propane Conversion

Propane conversion is one of the most reliable alternative fuel engine conversions. Running on liquid propane provides performance characteristics very similar to running on gasoline. Fuel economy is also about the same - though we extend your truck's range by use of a large tank.
Propane is easy to get and the technology is OEM approved: This conversion will not void your Ford factory warranty!  In fact the conversion comes with a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty.
Conversion to propane may not be cost effective for your operation.  You should consult with your accountant and/or tax attorney to review projected use, expected IRS tax credits, availability of state-level and other funds etc., balanced with expected lifetime costs of the truck, amortization, etc.

Our Experience

Our shop has many years of experience with propane in other applications (fork lifts, etc.) but we have never seen a product as good as this one.  ROUSH Performance - famous for Mustang and F-150 performance parts and tuning, as well as running NASCAR teams - has put over 2 years of development into perfecting this product.  They have a long track record of producing high-quality technologies.  In fact, this conversion DOES NOT VOID THE FACTORY WARRANTY (ROUSH has a long history of working directly with Ford). Recently ROUSH released a propane conversion kit for late-model F-250 and F-350 SuperDuty trucks.

Propane - The "Alternative" Fuel Everyone Can Already Buy

You can buy propane at just about every truck stop in the nation. There are well over 3000 places in the United States to buy propane. You can have it delivered. Unlike other "alternative fuels," propane is one that everyone already knows about. For instance a huge number of forklifts run on propane. (Propane is used for indoor forklifts because it burns so cleanly.  In a poorly ventilated space propane combustion can still kill via accumulation of carbon monoxide, however.) 

Tax Credits for Propane

We cannot offer you or your organization tax advice.  Please have your accountant and/or attorney research the tax credits for users of propane available from the IRS.  Additionally, various states (including Texas) offer funding to assist with the often substantial cost of converting over existing vehicles.  If you are a tax-exempt entity please call us to discuss options.

How Does it Run?

This kit runs very well. There is no appreciable decrease in power.  Expect greatly reduced carbon deposits in your engine!  Emphasis on the "greatly" in that sentence!  You'll be able to go longer between oil changes because propane burns with no particulates.  Your truck will run much cleaner.

In a forklift the fuel is delivered to the cylinders by being sprayed into the carburetor.  In the forklift-style configuration the cylinders farthest from the carburetor almost always run lean - which is no way to treat your new truck!  No worries here: The ROUSH conversion kit features fuel injectors that deliver LIQUID propane in a controlled, measured way using the O2 sensor and other OEM sensors (TPS, Engine Coolant Temperature Sensors and Incoming Air Temperature Sensors), on top of each cylinder's intake valve.  These are the EPA-approved technical advances.  Your engine's ECU is reprogrammed by ROUSH for each particular vehicle (each ECU is reconfigured to use the exact amount of fuel needed according to the exact vehicle specifications such as: long-bed, short-bed, crew-cab, extended-cab, transmission type, rear-end ratio, etc.).  Your engine computer is reconfigured so the fuel gauge works correctly, the highway mileage works correctly, and your fuel mileage, etc., is always correct.  This capability has NEVER been, and STILL IS NOT available in the after-market for such kits.  Keep in mind that ROUSH's kit is a Ford Factory developed system: This is an original system for your Ford that does not void your Ford Factory warranty.  It actually extends your driveline warranty to three years!  (It is our belief that no after-market producer will ever make such an offer).

The Conversion

Everything from the gas tank up to and including the intake manifold is replace in this kit.  A tank equivalent to 65 gallons is put in the bed of your truck.  A smaller tank can be hung on the frame rails under your truck (the larger tank is more popular).  Please note, WE cannot put the tank anywhere else in the truck - this is because of EPA regulations (by which the kit got approved). 

ROUSH has a long history with the F-150, including performance and styling:

All pictures on this page are (c) ROUSH Performance and/or ROUSH Industries (TM).

Above Rolf inspects an F-150 at the ROUSH factory during the Propane Engine Fuel Summit.

Here a propane tank is installed in the bed of an F-150 during the factory tour.

Here is a link on ROUSH's site showing the tour (you can see Rolf in one of the pictures): "Propane Marketers Tour ROUSH F-150 Assembly Area".

The ROUSH Industries Propane Conversion kit allows you to run your late-model F-150, F-250 or F-350 pickup on liquid propane gas.

Our Experience with Alternative Fuels

We have been involved in the alternative fuels market, primarily "biodiesel" for some time. In fact Klaus Huebner personally built (mostly by hand) a biodiesel plant with approximately 5MGy capacity in the Richmond Hills area.  

At this time we are not active in the biodiesel industry. However, propane is subject to the same tax credits from the U.S. federal government as biodiesel, but without the detrimental Texas state-level treatment (TX makes it difficult to sell B100). Propane is also already widely distributed and easily available nationwide. 

Propane is a known fuel that won't damage your engine (some biodiesel has too much methanol, which can severely damage your engine).  Propane also is extremely consistent between batches (consistency between batches is very difficult with "biodiesel" because feedstocks vary dramatically).

Benefits To Converting

Converting may only be cost-effective if you operate a fleet.  Benefits Include:

  • Substantial IRS tax credits (not deductions) available per "gallon"
    • per the IRS, 4.25 pounds of propane is equivalent to 1 gallon
    • Under certain circumstances, $2500.00 per vehicle credit may be claimed
    • additional state-level funds are available
    • Sefeldt Automotive is NOT qualified to give tax advice, consult with your accountant and/or tax attorney
  • Greatly extended engine life
    • Driveline Warranty for 3 years or 36,000 miles
  • No appreciable loss in power
  • Many Fewer Oil Changes
    • Propane produces so little soot that your oil will not get dirty
  • Greatly reduced environmental impact
    • far fewer carbon emissions: only 30% of the carbon footprint of gasoline
    • No particulate emissions (oil stays clean)

Propane is also safe: It evaporates under normal atmospheric pressure so it cannot poison the water or ground if spilled. Just like any petroleum distillate product, care must be taken when refueling (no smoking, etc.). Propane has a stinky chemical added to it to make human detection of the gas very easy at levels far below that which would be dangerous. Pressurized tanks must always be treated with care.

Please call us to consult about your propane conversion.  We can handle large fleet accounts. 

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We also install propane injection systems for diesel engines.