Houston Flood Damaged Cars

Did your car get "totaled" by your insurance company because of Hurricane or storm damage?

Repair of your flood-damaged car may be cheaper than buying new!

Insurance companies generally "total" "flood-damaged" cars.  With Hurricane Ike and the heavy rains of Fall 2008, the number of "flooded" cars shot up in the Houston area.  Some of these cars are truly only worth scrap; others only have minor water damage.

If your car was declared "flood damaged" and you know that there was not much water in it - and it doesn't stink to high heaven inside - then repair could be a good option. Fixing flood-damaged cars is possible.

It may be the case that all that's wrong is that a sensitive electronic component has been damaged by sitting in water.  Sometimes, depending on the part, it can be replaced relatively easily and for considerably less than buying a replacement car.  Sometimes the car will lose all resale value (you have to get a "salvage title"), but even so, the car can frequently be driven for many thousands of miles.  Its use value remains high - it just has no resale value.

Bring in your "totaled" car and we'll provide a free estimate and diagnosis on repair.

The 2006 Ford Explorer below was totaled by the insurance company as flood damaged.  We sourced a very low-miles engine, installed it and got it all working again.  The vehicle has 42,000 miles on it, but the replacement engine has only 3000.  

A loyal customer of ours had his car totaled by his insurance company as "flood damaged." A sensor, which in that car sits under the driver's seat, had stood in water and gone bad. Otherwise the car was fine. We replaced the sensor and the dash light went away. Instead of having to buy another car, the owner got several years' use of the car (which was otherwise fine).  There were no further problems related to the "flood damage."

Repair of this sort is not right for every car!  If your engine flooded and rust has set in then unless your car has special meaning to you, repair will almost certainly not be worth it. Every car's damage is different. One thing you can be sure of, however, is that your insurance company merely "runs numbers" on your car - they have no idea what it's worth to you.