Restoring the Classic Firebird


We have  long experience restoring and keeping these cars in top running condition.  Rolf is good friends with a number of the members of the local Firebird club and several of them will only bring their cars to him.  One of our first jobs at this location was restoring the powertrain of one of these Firebirds.

The particular Firebird you see here being torn down belongs to a friend of the shop who has had it garaged since the early 1980s!  The car is rust-free - the body is in extremely good condition and the chassis is very good, too.  This car is going to be fantastic.  

Other than putting disc brakes up front we're doing a restoration to factory-new quality.  The reason for the brakes is because even though the stock 11" brake booster makes the drum brakes fairly safe, disc brakes up front are even better.

Look how clean this body is: no rust. It's been garaged for over 25 years.

Last state inspection sticker reads 1982.

Want one, too?  Call!

Above, the 68 firebird, all stripped down, has been mounted on the rotisserie.  We custom-weld our jigs.