Currently on ebay, we offer a 7.3 liter Powerstroke V-8 pulled from one of our shop trucks:

We can and do work on any and all engines.  The Detroit 8v92 (on our shop truck below) is one we rebuilt.  Of the two red Volvo 4-cylinder engines below we rebuilt the smaller one for a customer's p1800; we'll install that soon.  The more colorful B230 in front of it is an engine we recently acquired, that we will tune for performance.  We'll have more on that engine in the future.

We repair, rebuild and restore any engine.  From old Ford flathead V8s to modern 5-cylinder gasoline engines, little 4-cylinders to two-stroke V8 Detroit Diesels - we have done it all.

A typical project we are world experts in is engines for classic Volvos - below is an example of an engine we swapped out of a P1800.  The original engine had thrown a rod through the block.  The picture below obviously shows the rod hanging out of the block.

We replaced that engine with this one:

If you want to freshen up your old favorite by giving her a new powerplant then we can help.  We can build any kind of engine you want, including high-output performance engines with turbos, superchargers, or old-school carburetors.  In fact, for certain Volvo engines, the best power comes from the proper use of carburetors, not fuel injection.

Recently we have a new addition: we offer the ROUSH F-150 liquid propane injection conversion kit.  For more, see the page on Propane Conversion.

Additionally, we have much experience rebuilding diesel engines for cars and trucks.

 Above is one side of the V8 engine found in the Jaguar XJ8 of the early to mid 1990s.  We did a complete engine swap on one of these cars recently.

Above is the straight 6 found in the Volvo 164.  It's a great engine.

That's a Detroit 8V92.  We overhauled it for installation in a luxury Blue Bird Wanderlodge motorhome that we will put up for sale "soon."  The 2-stroke V8 diesel makes around 500 HP.  These engines are often found in semi tractors.  Here's the block after we stripped it down.

We know electric motors, too! A simple example: The compressor powering our air tools is so old even the manufacturer doesn't have parts for it anymore.  We know how to take care of motors. When we spoke to them they told us that our compressor (going on 20 years old!) wasn't supposed to last more than a couple of years.  They were astounded at the longevity we have gotten from it.

Many people just want "more power" when they think about working on their engine. Where do you want that power? 1500 RPM? 4500 RPM? We will build you an engine that will give you the power you want, when and where you want it.

These days we have become more and more interested in fuel economy.  As an experiment we tried some so-called "hydrogen" fuel cells - the cheap ones that you find around the net - but they didn't work (in fact they damaged the electrical system of the car due to bad design).  Call us if you have any questions about these kinds of technologies.

Above is a typical Volvo 4-cylinder engine.  We're building a similar engine (shown below) with a goal of over 400 HP.  (I won't say how much we're shooting for, but it's lots.)  These 4-cylinders can produce enormous power with the stock blocks.

The car we're going to put this engine into is a 1980 242.  This long-term project will lead to a high-performance monster.  We're still making some decisions about which block to use - but we've got most of the parts ready (now we just need the time).

Above is a classic Firebird engine that we work on.  We recently tuned a different 454 in a vintage Firebird.  It's so much fun to lose traction at 40 mph simply by dropping the hammer.