Employment at Sefeldt Automotive

We Have Openings (Fall '09)

Sefeldt Automotive is run by Rolf Larsson, with over 40 years' experience working on cars and trucks.  Rolf worked at Volvo Factory in Sweden and has exhaustive experience with Volvos.  We hold ourselves out, with pride, as the best shop for Volvo work, period.

Over the course of his years of experience, Rolf has been deeply involved in all aspects of automotive repairs.  He has run restoration shops producing concourse-quality vehicles; he has built and raced race cars; he has built off-road vehicles; he has built street-performance vehicles; he has built and raced motorcycles (nitro-methanol powered 4-stroke singles!); etc.

Working at Sefeldt Automotive will bring you into contact with unusual vehicles and daily opportunities to learn new things.  It will be fun and demanding.

Do you want to work in an environment like ours? 

Current Openings: Experienced, meticulous, tool-owning, Mechanic or Mechanic's Helper.  Must be able to follow instructions.

Our employees reflect our values: High quality work done right the first time.

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