Diesel Repair

Years of Experience with Diesel - And Over a Million Miles!

We are now offering propane injection installation for turbocharged diesel engines 

Propane Injection on a Diesel Engine is a simple modification that improves fuel economy, greatly reduces sooty emissions, adds horsepower & torque, safely extends distance between oil changes and exhaust filter changes, and also extends engine life.

Diesel engines are in some ways more like race-car engines than regular gasoline engines are.  Our experience working on diesels, both on customer vehicles and our own trucks, will stand you in good stead when you need a diesel repair.

We have extensive experience on the Diesel engines found in Mercedes Benz and also, of course, Volvo cars.  We work on VWs, Ford trucks, etc., too.  We recently rebuilt a Ford F-350 diesel V8 (7.3 Liter PowerStroke - currently for sale).

Above is a Detroit 8V92 (V8-two stroke) coming out of our Blue Bird Wanderlodge ("pusher").  This engine makes about 500 HP.  As best we can tell, the wrong oil was used in it - or someone forgot to put oil in it and it seized upon start (sometimes happens...).  We bought it in this condition and have conducted extensive repairs to get it up and running again.  The engine is being installed into the Wanderlodge.  We will be offering the Wanderlodge for sale in the near future (the interior is magic).

Detroit engines of this type are more common than you know - and overhauling these engines can be very expensive.  You will find our prices competitive - give us a call for a quote.

Recently we were privileged to work on a very rare animal, a 1983 Toyota Camry Diesel.  We resent the timing and resealed numerous oil leaks.  The car was purring like a kitten when we finished with it.

The above picture is of an Audi R10.  The Touareg, for instance, can be bought with a V-10 TDI engine.  These are great engines!  Addition of Propane Injection makes them even greater.

(Picture of Audi R10 Race Car (cc) Brian Snelson, some rights reserved: Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License)

Rolf kept his big rig on the road for over 1 million miles.

  • People would say, "Your truck is too old, get a new one."
  • His reply: "Why? Will I get paid more?"

We can repair your diesel engine based on decades of experience driving and working on diesel cars and trucks. Our shop has experience working on everything from small diesel car engines all the way up to the engines powering 18-wheelers.  We can help with Volvo (or other diesel) boat motors, too!

Above is our 8v92 back from valve adjustment after we rebuilt it.  The "Big Bud" 747 (world's largest tractor, built in 1977) runs two of these engines "bolted together" - 16 2-stroke cylinders, with superchargers and turbos, creating around 900 horsepower, and rated up to 1100.  If you bring it to us, we can Rebuild this (and related or similar) Engines!  "There are not many shops that have our versatility and our broad base of knowledge." (R. Larsson)