Houston Classic Car Repair

"Works on them old cars"

Have an old favorite?  An heirloom or nostalgic family car?  We'll take care of it right.  We know old cars - we have over 40 years experience!

We will help you keep your classic on the road and running strong.

Here's a 1956 Bentley, that used to belong to Klaus, at our shop:

The red E-Type to its left is currently undergoing restoration at our shop.

We have decades of experience repairing British cars.

Want A/C for your classic (or just plain old) car?  We can fit a brand-new a/c system into your old car - even if it didn't have one when it came from the factory.

Need an old transmission rebuilt or an old engine refreshed?  We can find the parts to do a repair job, or we can do a complete restoration of the unit.  We could even fit a modern engine for increased power, improved fuel economy, (or both!).