Automotive Restoration

"Rolf's Restoration" - Careful Attention to Detail and Long Years of Experience
"Works on Them Old Cars"

We have many years of experience restoring cars to factory-new (or better) condition.  Rolf has restored many Swedish cars: Volvo p1800s (wagons and coupes), Volvo 122s, Duetts, 240s, Sugges, etc., etc. He has also restored many British cars: Jaguar E-Types (convertibles and coupes, including expert work on with those troublesome V-12 engines), Austin-Healeys, MGs, and more obscure makes like Gordon, Marcos, etc.  (We have recently been working hard on p1800s and also Firebirds).

As for domestic cars, our shop has recently done restoration work on Pontiac Firebirds.  One of Rolf's all-time favorite cars is the original Chrysler 300 convertible.  (He had one back in the 60s).  When Rolf was growing up in Sweden there were many European Fords in the country - he has long experience with American makes.

For one example of our fine work, click here to see a P1800 Rolf restored: "J.A.'s P1800".

If you have a certain car in mind, we can help you choose a chassis and you can pay as we do the work.

The above 1956 Bentley belonged to Klaus up until recently.

We can take E-Types from this:

To This:

Ed. Note: the E-Type above is not one we restored - we have lots and lots of experience getting them to this condition.  The red one above is undergoing restoration at our shop and we'll put up some more pictures of it soon.  We can restore to the quality of the above car, or better. 

The dash of our beloved 164.

Above is a p1800 on the rotisserie for early-stage restoration work.  We have a specially numbered p1800 chassis waiting for the right customer.

We have a few select chassis of other vintage Volvos as well - waiting for the right person who wants a fine restoration.

The above car 122 Amazon is waiting for a customer.  This particular car is in fabulous condition; we will restore it for a customer who wants a true factory-new quality restoration, or a trophy-winning concourse restoration.  The only rust on the car is from a tiny rock chip in the front paint.

We frequently show the red p1800, or the blue 164 at Prince's Hamburgers on Saturday nights. For more information see the separate page on this site (a link is below in the footer).

Rolf has extensive experience restoring Austin-Healey cars as well.

Here we are in the middle of a restoration job on the interior of a Mercedes-Benz 450SL (finished early '09).