Houston Muscle Cars

Long Experience with Iconic American Muscle Cars

Rolf remembers driving his Chrysler 300 convertible around town with the top down back before Houston had 1 million residents.  We have experience working on classic American Muscle Cars dating back to when these cars were new.  Carburetor issues, engine rebuilds, transmission overhauls - we've done it all.

The Firebird above is one that the owner will only allow Rolf to work on.  Those famous chrome noses have an unusual arrangement to hold the fender on, with an L-bracket and a few other pieces.  It's very difficult to get the fender to hang just right - and we can do it.

Here is a page about a Pontiac Firebird we are restoring for one of our customers.

There are a bunch of nice Firebirds, some of which we work on, that are shown Saturday nights at Prince's (see link in footer).  We hope to see you there.

Below is another Firebird at our shop (sorry the photo's so dark).

We are expert with carburetors. Don't tolerate the bad fuel economy, reduced power and running problems common to badly tuned caburetors - we guarantee our carburetor work.

In Fall 2007 Rolf was elbows-deep in partially restoring a classic late 1960s Firebird for our friend Jeff B.  Jeff handled much of the restoration himself, but had Rolf restore his powertrain, as well as detail his engine compartment and undercarriage.  Jeff B's Firebird can sometimes be seen at Prince's Hamburgers(r) on Saturday Nights. Come on out and see some of our work!  Here's a few pictures of the work we did on that car: