Houston Automotive Air Conditioning

Do you want cold A/C?

"We've forgot more about a/c than people typically know."

We understand A/C.  We are licensed to work on a/c, and we know that there's more to it than just freon.  

We can repair your newer-model car's a/c.

We can retrofit or modify your older car to work on the newer R134a gas.

We can even build an a/c system for your old car which never even had it.

When a/c was first being developed for cars, Rolf was there.  He was at Volvo factory when the systems were being engineered - he understands A/C like an engineer does.  We'll fix your car right, the first time.

Come on by and we'll have your A/C blowing cold in no time!

Did you know that newer a/c systems, with the "greenhouse friendly" gas in them (R134a) actually blow colderthan the a/c systems you remember from old cars (using R12)?  Most techs don't understand the difference - and as a result, many people feel the older cars blow colder than the new ones.  Not true!  Newer a/c systems should blow colder!