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 世界唯一のボルボP1800専門家 ー 日本からのお問い合わせも大歓迎

About Sefeldt Automotive

Sefeldt Volvo Auto Sales & Repair ("Sefeldt Automotive") is an independent shop in the Spring Branch area of Houston, Texas.  We repair most cars.  We have special expertise in classic Volvos like p1800s, the 140-series, 240s, PV cars, Amazons, etc.

We have exhaustive knowledge of Volvo cars.  We also have expert experience in the restoration of other Swedish makes, British cars and certain Classic American Automobiles.  We have worked on cars of almost all vintages including cars like the 1956 Bentley below and late-model domestics.

Our shop is managed by Rolf Larsson.  Rolf is a former Volvo Factory automotive engineer.

We offer flexible payment plans and repair financing. If you want a second opinion on a quote from elsewhere - we are at your service.  If you want a quote, give us a call.

We are expert at restoration and rebuilding of classic and older cars. We are experts with carburetors and have much experience with iconic American Muscle Cars like the Firebird or the Chrysler 300.  Additionally, we sell and install ROUSH performance parts, such as the famous ROUSHCHARGER-branded superchargers for the Mustang.

We are also an "Authorized ROUSH Propane Distributor," which means we install the ROUSH Performance Liquid Propane Conversion Kit for the Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350 pickup truck. 

The Story Behind Our Name

As many Houston locals know, "Nils Sefeldt Volvo" is one of the earliest names associated with Volvo in Houston.  In fact, Nils Sefeldt was instrumental in helping Volvo get established in the United States (not just in Houston).  One of Nils Sefeldt's accomplishments was that he owned an early Volvo dealership in Houston (you'll find pictures of it, from back in the day, here on our "Fun Pictures" page).  Rolf worked at that dealership back in the 1970s.  Nils' son, Bjorn, a good friend of the shop, has known Rolf Larsson for many, many years.  They raced together, rode dirt bikes together, etc., and continue an active friendship.  You can ask Bjorn about the history of "Nils Sefeldt Volvo" at the Saturday night Prince's Hamburger's "Car Show," which we regularly attend.  (See the link in the footer below for more on the "Car Show".)

Sefeldt Automotive is an independent repair shop.  Our location is a new shop.  We repair all makes and models, with unusual expertise in Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar cars.  We generally have a few fine cars for sale as well. 

The above p1800 is a restoration job Rolf did - it featured extensive performance tuning and a custom interior.

Below is a 1968 Firebird that we are currently restoring for a customer. (link to the dedicated page)


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About Rolf Larsson

Our shop is run by Rolf Larsson, a former Volvo factory engineer from Sweden.  He was brought up in Sweden in the 1950s, a time when Sweden had cars from all over the world.  "Seemed like every other car was British."  And, "back in the 1950s everyone bought American cars, in the 1960s Swedes bought German, British and even French cars; but back then Fords for instance were American, German and British Fords, so we know them old cars, 'domestic' and foreign."

Free WiFi at the shop in our air-conditioned customer lounge!

We repair street performance machines, conduct restoration work and classic car repairs. Currently our shop has several project cars that we try and work on when we have time: The 1980 Volvo 242 on one of our haulers below is one we are going to turn into a performance beast (400+ hp out of a Volvo 4-cylinder engine). We also rebuild engines like B230s, B20s, etc., to go into a 240s, 740s, 940s, etc.

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