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Access & Preservation Committee


The Access and Preservation Committee held its Midwinter meeting online.  The Committee will meet next in person at the 2017 Annual Conference Chicago, as part of the SEES All Committee Meeting.

Roster of Members 2016-2017

Dr. Joe Lenkart (Chair, 2016-2017), U Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Margaret Ann Browndorf (2016-2017), Towson U
Kelly Evans (2016-2017), Eastern Washington U
Kevin Hawkins (2016-2017) U of North Texas
Jon C. Giullian (2016-2017), U U Kansas
Zachary Van Stanley (2016-2017)
Roman Yurchenko (2016-2017), Princeton U
Jon C. Giullian, Website administrator, U Kansas

Past Rosters


1. Slavic digital projects. The Committee is working with members of the ASEEES CLIR subcommittee on Digital Projects to answer the question of how to inventory Slavic-related digital resources.

Current Issues

Recent Meetings